Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sex and the City of Bangkok

You can't go to Sin City and not check out the sex. Then again, if you went to Bangkok with the wife and kid, and decided to procure some sex services, then you must fully expect your spouse to Bang your... erm... head with a blunt object. Still, we did find our way to Patpong. Without Jesse, of course.

Patpong is a network of exciting streets. We went to this one which was a series stalls selling t-shirts and fake watches and stuff, flanked by two rows of go-go bars. Just think Petaling Street with plenty of sex around. Anyway, we ended up in a go-go bar where girls in their undies were pole-dancing on the bar. Actually it can hardly be called pole dancing since most of the girls were merely holding on to the steel poles and gyrating crudely. Still, most the guys were happy sipping down their watered-down beer.

As expected, the girls (Mae, sis and future sis-in-law) got bored quickly enough and decided to find their way to Bangkok's finest - the Tiger Shows. Meanwhile, us boys continued to enjoy... erm... our beers.

The waiter in the joint gave us the run-down of the place while our lady bartender gave us the "scissors" sign with her fingers to remind us that some of us were married. Heh. Turns out, for a mere 100 Baht (or RM 10) you can call any girl down from the bar and she'll sit at your table for a meaningful conversation. Also, there is supposedly an upstairs room should you decide you'd like to take the conversation further.

So yeah, it was pretty sleazy. No wonder Bangkok's so much fun. :)


  1. Patpong is the hot spot, but those are not among the best.
    You must get to know the locals to bring you to the finest one, lol!

  2. Ya lor - u must try the no hands restaurant and for the women, go for the "duck" show.

  3. those "meaningful" conversation must be really interesting huh?

  4. i don't think i should make any comments here since im a girl and all. then again, Bangkok is such a beautiful city. why waste your time on some showgirl performance?

  5. That's 3 posts about Bangkok. I can see both the spirit and the FLESH are in Bangkok hahaha...

  6. Did you visit the flaoting market?

  7. Meanwhile, us boys continued to enjoy... erm... our beers
    O RLY ! XDXD

  8. James... u better repent for all the lust and beers and sleazy conversations... otherwise Pastor Chris might need to spend an hour with you...
    Hahaha (sinister Holier-than-thou laugh)...
    Good thing Ps Chris dont read blogs... otherwise i tak tau man...

  9. :lol: Sure thing SK. Will check with you the next time I need fine sex. Hahahahah!!!
    No hands restaurant, Boo?!?!
    I doubt it, Eggy, unless you speakie Thai!
    Indeed, Chengsim. I'd rather be eating a sticky-rice mango!
    Only the stomach, boy. Remember, I didn't have any meaningful conversations. Hahahah!!!
    Indeed, we did the tourist thing too, Bonnie.
    No BKK for you, Leo!!!
    More like No La La, MOTT! Hahahahh....
    I knew I should have ordered the wine instead, Joshua. :lol:

  10. head down to Silom, more bars there. And how sure were the girls you guys were watching are really "girls"? *grins*

  11. I think the 'meaningful conversation' part will only work if you know how to speak Thai.

  12. Hahah, good point Oli!
    Not true, Simmie. Meaningful conversations dun really need words. Hahah

  13. If you go to the Red Light District, it is safe to say you don't ever have to "Bangkok".
    I loved all of Thailand. But Phuket was probably my uberfave ...