Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Precious Little Boy

I was spending a little quality time with Jesse today when the boy came up to me and put his little arms around my neck. He hadn't had much sleep today and he decided that Daddy would make a good warm bed. I slowly eased my way onto the sofa so that he could fall asleep comfortably. And as I laid there on my back, Jesse nodded off.

I was about to carry him off to his cot when I realised that I didn't quite feel like letting go of him.

He's gotten so big now that as he buried his head under my chin, his feet reached up to my knees. It's only been 19 months and already he's as big as a little pig and probably weighing quite as much too. Heh.

It occurred to me that pretty soon, he won't be able to sleep on my chest anymore. And even if he could, he might very well not want to.

And so, tonight I let him take his nap on me. I laid there as still as I could, wondering if he would someday remember all of this - that he was, once upon a time, Daddy's precious little boy. And that he would always remain so, for all eternity.


  1. *wipes tears* Enjoy while you still can.

  2. i believe he will remember. i remember my dad tucking me into my bed. some credit to fatherhood...

  3. yeah... I also love that warm feeling having my son sleeping on my tummy... wish they could grow up slower :)

  4. awwww how sweet... my boiboi is daddy's boi too, always precious to us just like u and jesse

  5. awwww james i cnt stop my tears dnt worry jesse will always be daddies boy, with time he may not sleep on your chest but he will always be there with you perhaps doing things most father and sons do :D *sniff sniff*

  6. i just hold my little ones a little longer just to hold that memory n place it in my brain forever. much to be grateful for.

  7. sniff sniff thats so sweet - i love how kids can peacefulyl sleep on someone nlistening to their heartbeat is unexplainable

  8. Enjoy it while you can. That sounded so cute!

  9. Ever get knee-ed in the groin? :)

  10. eeehhhhh........ wat is this ler........ year 2006..... macam all my frens gone soft wan... :P

  11. you should ask mae to take a picture of jesse sleeping in your arms (or vice versa - i mean you taking a picture of mae when jesse is in her arms). then can show to jesse when he's grown up.

  12. children grow up fast these days.... I dread to think of the time they'll leave home someday..... sob! sob!

  13. *soooooooooooooooob* aww... dear. you know I have a friend who is still phobic towards commitment, and here is a friend writing so passionately about fatherhood. You rock lah, someone else's daddy.

  14. Your posts are very sweet..for a guy! Nothing melts a woman more than a guy in touch with his sensitve side!! I always like to see men spend time with their children alone.
    Must get my hubby to read your postings. He just started a blog to record his journey into fatherhood.
    Oh, and he is the only one who can carry our children to sleep, at home on the couch or outside on his shoulder. Luckily, for me!! *grins*

  15. Indeed, Mumsgather. Either that or make another kid. Hehehh...
    Thanks Ed. That gives me hope.
    Yeah, Eggy. Makes you wonder what's their rush, eh?
    Awwww Annu...
    Babe, it's their power over us, isn't it? :)
    :lol: Deepsy, now I gotta go plan out some Rancangan 20 Tahun for the kid.
    Aww, MOTT! Keep holding.
    Must remind them of the womb, Visithra... :)
    I will, Silly Pat.
    All the time, Lilian. Small kids should come with nut-guard in the package. Hahahah!!
    :lol: Oli, it's the year of the puppy-dog, what did you expect?
    FireAngel: *pat* *pat*
    We do have those pictures, Lucia. :)
    Then it's be time for grandchildren, BabySmooches.
    Thanks Yvonne!
    Lucky you indeed, Kat. Do leave your blog address so we can visit, eh? :)

  16. I'm not going to be where you are at anytime soon. =P On the contrary, I kinda wish I could go back and be small enough to rest in my daddy's arms again. Where life seemed much simpler, and definitely much safer in his arms.
    I don't remember my younger baby days... but I've heard so many of my 'mischiefs'. It's a memory I'll always keep.

  17. PS: Thanks for being a great daddy. =) u remind me of my dad right about now... I miss him sooooo much. =P
    PS2: I was my daddy's gurl. *grins*

  18. that is so so so cuite!!!!!

  19. my baby boy won'y sleppa