Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Magic Carpet Ride

there go the ships: there is
that Leviathan, whom thou hast
made to play therein

Top of the range, two-litre fuel injection automatic transmission encased in a galvanised shell and riding on 7 hydropneumatic spheres. Born in 1990 and accorded European Car of the Year the same year, and going for less than a song. 330,000 units worldwide and one in my apartment parking lot.

Be afraid, be very afraid. Muahahaha... And no, I never learn.


  1. Aiseh, I was hoping to see a 7 series, or at least a 3 series...
    Hehe... When can I have a ride?

  2. Apa nombor?? I wanna buy 4D!

  3. hahaha and i thot wat was the forbidden fruit :p so are you a citroen club member in Msia??

  4. The only European car I had was a Renault Scenic and I swear never, ever to own continental car. So, sue me. :)

  5. hey apada.. changing car.. or is this a temp car?
    what happened to the red one?
    my uncle used to be a Citroen salesman.. but I didn't get an opportunity to sit in one of his cards..
    Sat in a frens car.. really like riding on air... and you go like "what speed bump?"

  6. that out-of-production-car......
    You working on a dealership for the french or sumthg?

  7. OMG! that's an XM! super smooth ride... until the hydraulic absorber hits your wallet, hehehe

  8. Cheh Jason, all the series-series tak mainlah!
    No point lah Gina. Nothing that I ever bought ever came out in 4D.
    Indeed, Babe. You must be one of those folks at Autoworld too, rite?
    :lol: How can I sue you, Lilian, when you've suffered so much? Hahahah...
    Paulos: Red one Mae ambik lah, what else!?
    Eggy, trust me lah... it's good.
    No, Husband, though a dealership of bygone Citroens sound mighty interesting!!
    Wahahahaah Buaya!!! Quite true. But hydraulic must get hydraulic for wallet also - to soften the pain.

  9. I am really sorry for you mate, for getting what is really the Turkey of the Year. Heck, Turkey is good as long as you Roast it. Sure u will, sure.

  10. No guts no glory, Joshua! :lol:

  11. hohoho yeah i'm in or rather was in AW :p keriso is me fren :D

  12. wah i like being mae ... hahahah

  13. if only all guys were "fortunate" enough to have girls that were as generous as James...
    he he he he
    Mae - Red Hot Mamma in a Red Hot car
    James - Proud daddy with Hydraulic wallet .. :D

  14. Hello. You are a big Citroen fan, huh? Have been thinking of getting a secondhand Evasion, but have been delaying because of horror stories of how its going to cost to upkeep old Citroens..What's your opinion on this?

  15. I'm sure you won't feel that way once you hear me nag her about driving safely, Mini! :lol:
    Hahahah, Paul. Hydraulic wallet, eh? :lol:
    It's not as bad as it sounds, Kat. Go to the Citroen forum at and get help there!