Monday, April 10, 2006

Rainy Day

We were all at Mae's folk's house on Saturday when it started raining. It got pretty heavy pretty quickly so we dismissed any plans to go out. Since I was already horizontal on the sofa, staying home was fine by me.

Jesse got a little restless and started clambering all over me, when suddenly lightning struck and a loud mother-of-all thunderclaps shook the earth. A brilliant flash of light ensued and outside, debris was flying about. And the lights went out/

That got the boy's attention and he perked up quickly enough. I hurried towards him in case the thunder was too traumatic for his young little heart. But no. Just like Daddy, Jesse is one tough little mo-fo!! Heh. Lighting had struck off a part of the roof and my boy was unfazed.

After the thunder and lightning eased up, we took off our shirts and played outside in the drizzle. Jesse held his hand out for the rain, splashed about in the puddles and played with drainwater. He loved it - squealing and screaming at this new experience.

Inside, I could sense my mother-in-law rolling her eyes right to the back of her head. But it didn't matter. I played in the rain most of my childhood and look what a fine young man I turned out to be. *ahem* Thankfully, the boy didn't catch a cold or I'll be hearing about it for the rest of my life.


  1. awww that would have been fun - me loves the rain n yes though shall turn out extremly fine with dashes of rain

  2. waddya talking bout, you were a sickly little puppy!

  3. many moons ago, playing in the rain was super fun.... until a snake came slithering onto the football field... me and my pals scampered away like chickens! bwahahaha!

  4. Hahaha looks like Stevo caught you out!
    What a brave little bugger. Hey I notice your blogging is a real hit with the ladiez ... think Mae will get jealous? You have so many potential suitors if um ... you decide to um ... lepak around *koff koff*

  5. i think everyone must have at least done that once in their lives! hee hee

  6. That is cute! Most kids that I know love water and running in the rain. Although my mother always told me never to step in the puddles or mud barefoot because the worms will go under my toe nails.... Was Jesse wearing shies?

  7. you really had a way of getting to your MIL huh? pity Mae :P

  8. Thankfully, the boy didn't catch a cold
    not yet though ...believe me, it'll happen a few days later.

  9. all kids love to play with water. it's good to 'let go' and let them play once in a long while... and as long as it is not for a long time that they might catch cold.

  10. Hey .. next time you are round Taiping way, come over to City A1 for seafood with us la!!!

  11. chanced by your blog by a link.. and i loved the highlights in the blog! :)
    You're probably tired of hearing this already but I think Jesse's a really nice name! XD
    Great to see Jesse's not fazed by the lightning/thunder.. I know i would! o__O

  12. I flourish in the rain, Visthra! :)
    Stevo: That was BEFORE I was allowed to play in the rain!
    A croc afraid of a snake, Buaya? Unheard off! :lol:
    :) Silly Pat!
    Hmm... so, you wanna run off with me, Gwen? :lol:
    I hope they have, Meng.
    No Jacky, it was a day for the worms. Hahahh!
    No lah, where got, Eggy? ;P
    Never happened, Leo. Stop being such an auntie.
    One time Jesse played in the rived till his lips turned white, Lucia. No problem!
    Where in the world is that, Chiwi?
    Thanks for dropping by, Jayne. Glad you like the name.
    Happy belated easter to you, Simon.