Saturday, April 22, 2006

Updating: In Short

I'm back. It's been a hectic month and I've been working like a dog. Meanwhile, here's a little update:

My paternal grandmother passed on last week. We weren't terribly close, but it still sucks when a relative goes. Because you always wonder who's next. We cremated her very quickly and it was over in less than a day.

I'm up to my eyeballs in work. Work has always played a big part in my life. When I was younger, it was a means of survival. When I got older and work got better, it paid the bills and afforded a little luxury. There was also a point in my life when work was an escape. When the girlfriend was being a bitch, I went back to work at nights. Hahaha! These days, work is just work and work is beginning to suck.

We got Jesse a haircut at the salon and the hairdresser took a little too much off. Now my kid looks like Forrest Gump. Sometimes I'd go "Run, Forrest, run!" and guess what - the boy actually runs. It cracks me up!

Jesse's cousin Joshua is celebrating his 3rd birthday and his parents are throwing a party up in Genting this weekend. It ought to be fun for the kids. I expect the adults might want to go to the Casino tonight but that's never a good idea for me. I suck at gambling and once I get into it, I lose myself and my wallet.

The battery ran out on the new wife. I was working late one night and when I left at 3-ish in the morning, the damn car wouldn't start. I knew I needed a new battery but I was so busy at work I did not have time to do even this simple errand. I left the car sitting idle at the parking lot for three days.

Some days I feel like shit and think that I hate my life. Fortunately I'm too lazy to do anything about it, like kill myself or something. Hahahah! Thank God for small miracles.


  1. James - sorry to hear about the recent difficulties. Hope everything goes better.

  2. Welcome back! The lazy bit was a shocker; especially when it came from someone like you. Guess we are all humans after all.
    God bless. :)

  3. whoa. Hope things will be better

  4. I second Jacky. Hope everything goes well for your end.
    And might I ask... what's the Baby countdown button for?

  5. Run off with you? Only if you're as hot as George Clooney. :P And don't go photoshopping around either!
    Condolences on your loss. I guess you can't equivalate the death of a guinea pig to a human being, but I feel ya all the same.
    Short shaved hair on boys are cool. Hence why I married a military man heh heh

  6. See James? You are so whiney. Hahahah!!!
    You better take care of your health lah.

  7. how come your new car mia battery so fast die out one? no warranty one meh? if change... I suggest get the dry battery instead :)

  8. poor jesse - photos pls ;p hehehe
    sorry about granny - n yes take care of urself

  9. Condolences on your losses.. :p
    City A 1 = Sitiawan lar!!! Like that also don't know! hehehe

  10. No worries, Jacky. It can't rain all the time.
    I always thought of myself more of a rotting piece of meat, Anjali. Heh! But thanks for the sentiment. :)
    They will, Leo.
    Hah SillyPat, that was for when we were expecting Jesse. I just never got round to taking it off. :P
    Gwen, do military men have it close-cropped everywhere? *ahem*
    Must be you rubbing off on me lah, Gina. :lol:
    The 2nd hand XM lah, Eggy!
    Yes Visithra, photos soon!
    :lol: CityA1 eh, Justme? I'd have to agree if only for the kickass chili sauce you guys make.

  11. Abit too early for mid-life crisis eh?

  12. Kampung Koh Chili?? That's easy.. everywhere also got!!! hehehe so when are you coming?!

  13. Grandma Gone - sorry to hear that. Any silver lining?
    Flat batteries - That is why I said dont buy a car named "C4" (Cantonese mean... duh) What lah.
    Lazy - but workx3? Inconsistency there.

  14. It's never too early for a mid-life crisis, Bonnie.
    *resuscitate* Gwen!
    Will plan it, Chiwi!
    The XM lah, Josh!