Wednesday, April 26, 2006


"Ti-tock," Jesse would say every morning, which is his cute little way of saying, "Sit down". Mae and I had always made sure the boy was properly seated at the sofa before we'd switch on the TV. And for some reason, those words mean TV to him now. Yesterday, I told Mae I would try and get him to say "TV" instead.

"Television," Mae corrected me. "If the boy can't say TV," I reasoned, "he won't be able to say 'Television'."

Mae is anal about slangs. If she had her way, my poor little boy would grow up speaking weirdly. Imagine expressing yourself in proper words in the corporate world, "Fecal matter! This copulating facsimile is really urinating me off!" Loses quite a bit in the translation, doesn't it?

Anyway, Jesse is 20 months old today. Unfortunately his vocabulary doesn't extend beyond a handful of single-syllable proper words and a few babytalk words here and there. And no, despite trying all morning yesterday, he still can't say "TV". I'm really hoping he'll start speaking soon, if only to hear what he has to say about not talking. Heh!

And by the way, if you're one of those people who insist on not using babytalk to kids, you better not tell me I'm raising my kid wrong. Otherwise, I'm gonna come-come there and kick-kick you in the wee-wee!


  1. guess you should get Jesse to watch more stuff on TV... more varieties like The Sound of Music, disney cartoons, the famous "Australian four guys" etc.
    I think that works for my son :)

  2. This is one of the few times I heard someone with a kid who has speech delay. If he doesn't talk by 24 months, then I guess you need to send your kid for Speech Delay Assessement.
    I cannot shut up the terrible two at home. They just cannot stop talking.

  3. I tell ya James...for the longest time, my kid refused to talk...i swear! Everyone thought he was mute...ok..not mute, but really slow in speech..all suggestions to send him to speech therapyla, talk to him more la...etc etc...
    then suddenly, when he started pre-school..BOOM! Speech explosion..not perfect pronounciation..but hey! I can actually communicate with my little man... ! SO! Whatever way you talk to it plenty of LOVE!!!!!

  4. "Fecal matter! This copulating facsimile is really urinating me off!" :lol:
    Mine just turned 24 months and he is still speaking in cute single syllables. They sound absolutely adorable at this age. Better enjoy the baby talk for in no time you will be telling him to shut up! :lol:

  5. Oops! I meant my baby still speak in single words not syllables. Anyway Ti-tock/Sit down is two syllables what.

  6. Hahhahaha, your fax machine sentence really got me laughing till my sides hurt! :)

  7. baby mah... so why shouldn't baby talk. yeah those who insists no baby talk deserve to be kick in the wee-wee. :)
    they say that babies who talk late will grow up smarter than those who talk early. but of course nobody has back this up with facts, it's just like an old wives' tale. :)

  8. That gentlemanly curse on the fax machine is PRICELESS!! Hahahahahaaha!
    Don't you worry, am sure little Jesse will be chattering away in no time - hopefully, WITH his dad's sense of humor!

  9. Ironically, we visited a relative this morning with a son who's 18 months and vocabulary is also very limited. Mum commented that it's normal for baby boys. They are slightly slower in progress because baby girls are talkative. Hmmm...

  10. Heh. Are you raising Jesse to speak Chinese and English toghether? If so, and if he seems to understand what you are saying and can follow instructions, he's probably going to be ok. Sometimes it takes bilingual kids take a little longer to figure everything out. [Can you tell I work with kids?] Anyway, sometimes you don't wish for them to talk too much. One kid [age 3] called me a f-er b-ch. When I told him that's rude, he called me poopie. I told him to be quiet!

  11. Babytalk is appropriate until about the age of 30. Then it stops for about 10-20 odd years, then when you hit the 60 year old mark, you degenerate into baby babble again. Hallelujah!
    I must agree with Mae on the words bit though, best he learn the correct words first, then get to slangs, otherwise your son will join the generations of Americans who can't spell worth a damn.

  12. 20 mths old shld be fine AND some baby talk is fine too. wait till jesse burst into his "chi cha" mode then you'll know wat "suffering" means!!!

  13. hi james,
    just to let you know, it is scientifically proven that girls usually develop in speech quicker than boys. so no worries. he's gonna catch up in no time =)
    and like everyone else mentioned, enjoy the baby talk coz it only lasts for so long.. until he turns 70+, maybe. hehe..
    God bless!

  14. Hmmph.. come to think of it.. Lok Lok didn't start talking till he was 3. We thought he is one dumbass. Then, he cannot stop talking.. and now he cannot shut up.
    So I guess nothing to worry about.. now you wish your boy start talking.. in no time, you wish he is a baby again.. they grow up real fast! Cherish it while it last.

  15. "Fecal matter! This copulating facsimile is really urinating me off!"
    MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... I couldn't stop myself from bursting out of laughter ...
    My son only spoke perhaps 2 + and now, he's never ending talking and talking and talking. He'll talk to himself too at times playfully but yeah, I don't talk to him baby talk ... just talking casually and now, he understands almost everythign easily

  16. don't you think women more chatty than men meh? LOL...
    Boy usually talk later than girls, don't worry too much, he will pick up.
    baby talk or not, we all will out grow from it. at least I never tell my girls (now 3 1/2) to see "car car" or "eat your rice rice".

  17. Ugh Egghead, the boy has his own tastes in TV. I can't get him to watch anything he doesn't want too.
    I like chatty kids, Gina.
    I'm hoping that it comes quickly, MOTT!
    I made sure I caught some of his baby talk on video, Mumsgather.
    Glad you enjoyed yourself, Pelf. Hope you didn't injure yourself. :)
    Old wives tale, Lucia. I talked before I could walk and look what a clever fellow I am. :lol:
    He's more into toilet jokes, Maverix. Hahhah...
    Ugh, everyone's theory seems to suggest that I was a girly boy, Primrose!! :lol:
    :lol: Jackie, your job must be loads of fun!!!
    Americans can't spell TV, Gwen? Hahha...
    I'd think I'd love a chatty kid, Babe! :)
    Hahhah... I think I shall speak baby talk till I turn 70 just to piss ppl off, Suelynn!
    Are you sure he's talking to himself, P? WooOoOoo~
    That's why I prefer women to men, Maria. *ahem*