Friday, September 1, 2006

Happy Belated Merdeka

I had fully intended to write a happy little story for Vincent's Project Happy Malaysia but then I got lazy and before I knew it, Merdeka Day had come and gone.

We didn't do much. Slept early the night before and woke up late. Also lazed in bed a little. Missed the countdown and also the morning parade on TV.

By 3pm, I was beginning to feel a tinge of guilt for letting our national day slip by just like that, when suddenly, I was swept by an overwhelming sense of patriotism. Coincidentally, at that precise moment, the guy at the supermarket check-out counter gave us a tiny Jalur Gemilang - Free! With Every Purchase Above RM50 On A Single Receipt While Stocks Last. As I held the national flag in the palm of my hands, I knew then what I had to do. I took it home, gave it to Jesse and we had a little parade of our own. (See, video!)

By the way, despite all its shortcomings, I love Malaysia. Any country that lets me sleep as long as I want to; buy groceries whenever I feel like it; and lets me parade my kid about indiscriminately; is my kinda place.


  1. Uncle James, you have to set the video to public only we can view the videos ler. :D

  2. OMG... no offense, but after hearing your voice on the video I finally understand why this blog is called LOOPY meals

  3. and don't at any time, any place...mmmm.
    lil jesse bottom..bogel ah? or wearing superman underwear? CUTENESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aiyah, Jesse's cute, but he looks like he's only halfway listening to you, James!

  5. Thanks Jason. I'm a n00b lah!
    :lol: Yeah, I know. I hate my voice too Zemien.
    He's got diapers on MOTT!!!
    Indeed, Uncle Stevo.
    He's in a world of his own most of the time, Jacky. In a language of his own too. :lol:

  6. its never too late to write a happy story!

  7. WOAH so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!
    Pictures certainly don't do Jesse any justice. Videos are better so he can showcast himself in all his adorable glory in full media form. Complete with sound. A treat for both the eyes and the ears!