Friday, February 22, 2008

New Heroes

"I wanna be chowsinjji," Jesse proudly proclaims.

No more Spiderman. No more Superman. Now my boy wants to be Stephen Chow instead. And it's all Mommy's fault.

Mae decided she might want our son to be a little more interested in sports, seeing as how her Husband is a couch potato. And so she decided to start him on a diet of footbal TV. It's all very annoying to me, since I dun watch very much football. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing remotely entertaining about 20 over grown men chasing after a ball.

And so I negotiate a win-win deal.

"How about we watch football with a little more entertainment value?"

We've been watching Shaolin Soccer. A lot. Like two times a day, everyday. With any luck, maybe my little banana-boy will pick up a little Cantonese. Any more luck than that and Mae will pick up some Cantonese too. :)


  1. Very sad dad la u. Hopefully ur son dont become a couch potato.

  2. Heee.... so sweet la 3 of you.... very cozy and homey. I'd suggest you let the boi pick up cycling... you should too, james. Do a sport that you cannot cheat and its loads of fun! If you live around damansara area, there're roadie groups you can join.

  3. Shaolin Soccer is the only good soccer movie ever made so I can't blame you for choosing it.
    How about other sports? NFL (American Football) movies and basketball movies tend to be more uplifting and inspiring as well as entertaining.
    Who sez you're not into sports? Channel surfing is a sport right? RIGHT?

  4. Josh, he's a chip of the old potato. :lol:
    But cheating is fun, Amyzing. Heheh.
    Hah, Maggie!
    Yes, channel surfing is a contact sport, Fanboy.

  5. lol love the last bit about Mae. :D

  6. The Myanmar coffee shop workers speak better Cantonese than Mae, Jayelle. :lol: