Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"Look at your nails," I grabbed Jesse's grubby little hands, "so dirty!" I pulled the boy onto my lap and grabbed a nailclipper, ready to make quick work of his Dracula talons. "NoOoOoo!!!" he shrieked, breaking away from my clutches, his face pale with fear.

"Daddy's not gonna hurt you, silly," I told him sincerely. But he was having none of that, folding his arms behind his back.

When he was about 3, I caught him playing with a nailclipper. I grabbed it from him and gave him a lecture that he could comprehend. "It's very dangerous," I explained. And then I had to go and add, "you could cut yourself and there'll be blood everywhere."

I tend to over express myself sometimes.

It looks like I must have driven the fear of clipping nails in his young heart and from the looks of things, he may very well need therapy in the future. In the meantime, we'll have to cut his nails in his sleep and risk having him wake up screaming. It's either that or let them grow so long that they snap right off. At this stage, the second option sounds quite appealing.


  1. my granny used to cut our nails with a pair old school scissors. that was scary...
    now maybe could tell jessie that when his nails grow too long he will cut himself and there'll be blood everywhere.

  2. Its fine keeping long finger nails as long as he doesn't just keep the pinky finger's finger nail long to dig whatever its in the ear or nose, like those Ah Bengs. :D

  3. Ohh... now I know why Jesse asked me to look at his fingernails just now.
    But he did it in dramatic fashion, saying "Aunty Maggie, look! I have a NAIL on my finger!"
    Ugh.... Aunty Maggie's heart hit the floor hard after that statement!

  4. You could file them everyday...

  5. Eh, PAIN okay, to have someone cut ur fingernail for u.... they tend to cut SO much off that it hurts like one )$(#*$)(*#@$m. *cringes at a childhood nail cutting memory* Till now if the lady from the nail bar wants to cut my nails for manicure, i tell her i cut myself, but she can file them.
    I agree with fanboy... file them. It takes long, but at lease its less painful

  6. Yeah, i agree with Fanboy, dun use nailclippers on little child, its scary, use the file...

  7. Oh. Wow. I actually had a useful idea?

  8. Crap, Kim. My grandma did that too!!!!
    Convenient mah, Jason. Hahahah.
    LOL, Maggie. He's melodramatic.
    I had a neighbour with bad nails - bleeding and all, Amy. And she always offered to cut mine. Needless to say, I ran.
    Really, Zhang?
    Unbelievable isn't it, Fanboy? Haha.