Monday, February 18, 2008


On Friday I lost my mobile phone.

I was sitting at the Caffe Cino outlet in KL Hilton discussing work. The damn phone must have fallen out my of pocket as I sat there on the sofa. I left the place and realised this as soon after I drove out of the parking lot. I immediately turned back, parked my car and ran up to the place. Needless to say, the phone was gone.

I enquired at the establishment but no one had reported a lost and found mobile phone. I made calls but no one answered. At one point someone did, but did not speak. Instead I was treated to a surround sound of the inside of someone's pocket.

So there. My phone was gone and quite possibly, someone in Hilton had found it but had decided to keep it. I'd expect this at Rumah Tumpangan Kiew Kiew (not that I ever go to someplace named Rumah Tumpang Kiew Kiew), but this was the Hilton, dammit.

But perhaps my expectation of the establishment is unrealistic. After all, the tone and manner of the place did take a dip when their famous heiress spent a few nights in the slammer. Heh.

The phone was a Nokia 6280. It's pretty worn out. But I cherish it, simply for the fact that it took plenty of pictures, many of which are still inside the phone. So... um... if you happen to spot any pictures of me with Cecelia Cheung or Gillian Chung on the internet, please destroy them. Do NOT forward to Mae!!!

Seriously though, I have pictures of my family in there. *sigh* I actually sent an SMS to my phone to appeal to the finder to mail my memory card back to me. But I am not hopeful, cos you can't expect a dishonest person to do the right thing, can you?

BTW, some of you might wanna SMS me your numbers.


  1. hope you get back your phone...
    one a side note, rumah tumpangan Kiew Kiew is a RESPECTABLE establishment, mind you...! :)

  2. Yeah scary man.. if your phone hilang with all the pics inside. Haha! I better delete the pics of the vibrator. :x

  3. You with Cecelia and Gillian? That was you?!? You look just like Edison Chen! I'm afraid your pics are already all over the net.

  4. Yes I did, Jason. And I gotta give kudos to Maxis for that. I made a report at the TTDI Maxis Center, they gave me a new SIM card and told me that my line would be back in 2 hours. I left the place, bought a new phone and voila, my line was up again - all within 30 minutes. :)
    :lol: Simon, so I guess I should give Rumah Tumpangan Kiew Kiew another chance.
    Yeah Gina, it's a little creepy that someone out there has a small collection of your family photos.
    Oh well, MamaBok, gone with the old, in with the new.
    Aw man, Fanboy, no wonder I've been getting death threats from Hong Kong triads.