Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Another CNY in KL

I miss home! *sigh* This is the second consecutive year I won't be going home for the Chinese New Year. And this year, I was especially looking forward to going home. Y'know, to show off the kid and all... :)

It's nice to be from out of town during one of these major festivals. The whole Balik Kampung thing is always something to look forward to. That grand reunion dinner, the food, meeting up with old classmates, the food, the noisy but always fun relatives, the food... Heh! Looks like this year, I might actually get away with not gaining a couple of kilos.

I know my mom is dying to see her grandson again. When I told her that Jesse was having trouble traveling by car and that we wouldn't be coming home, I could hear the disappointment in her voice. Yet, she put on a brave front and told us to stay put, "Don't put him through all that suffering if he can't travel." Do I have the best mom in the world or what? Anyway, my brother Jeff suggested that I burn a CD of Jesse's latest photos for his grandma's enjoyment. It'll have to make do for now until the boy gets the hang of the car ride.

So there it is. We're gonna be in KL for the Chinese New Year. And I expect to be tormenting Mae with my incessant whining. For therapy, I'd probably blog a little - maybe a mini series about Chinese New Year in Taiping. :) So stay tune folks.

And for all of you going home... I hate you! :P


  1. Owwww...that's a nice mum u have. Wished I don't have to be home. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year to you & your family!

  2. Can Jesse be stuffed into a plane and not complain? ;) I will be in KL for CNY too, home and everyone else is here. :D

  3. oh your poor mum! all these festivites dont feel the same without family yeah? :)
    gong xi gong xi gong xi nie.... happy cny james! mae n the little tot too!

  4. yes your poor mum. not being able to see her grandson during the CNY. think of a way lah, james! like pickyin suggested, fly!
    gong xi fa cai to you, james, mae and jesse.

  5. Happy CNY, James, Mae and lil' Jesse... :)

  6. Aiyo poor Granny, i bet she was waiting to show off her grandson too. Drive and stop and every rest stop? May take you a total of say..6 hours to get to taiping, but at least you get to go home..AND you get to have the yummy food too! =)

  7. Happy CNY to you, Mae and Jesse. KL surely won't be as bad.

  8. I am going back to Taiping. Want me to ta pao for you the best CKT on the planet? Hhehe.. provided I know where that is. Sigh. Gong Xi Fa Cai, daddy.
    Will go to your house to collect angpows. So, get ready. Hehe. :)

  9. You're not alone, James. I can't be home for CNY too. To add salt to the wound, I having 6 hours of lectures today!
    Happy CNY to you and your family. :)

  10. you sure have one hell of an understanding mom.
    my in-law relos (tucked in johor) would kill if they couldn't see the kid. Me...they couldn't care less.
    nvm... u guys could always go back to ipoh anytime. The kid should be able to withstand some discomfort in his life.
    jesse is one helluva lucky kid to have an understanding dad.

  11. Know the feeling, been stuck away from home for about 4 CNY now, first time back after so long, and the feeling of home the longer you've been away, priceless. Anyway happy CNY to you and your family!

  12. looking on the bright side, KL is deserted and stress-free..ha haha...u can get anywhere in KL in just 10 mins!
    Happy New Year James, Mae and Jesse!

  13. You're spot on, Papi. Driving has never been any better in KL!

  14. Our family has never been very traditional about coming home, Mystic. Maybe that's why we want to. :)
    I doubt it, Pickyin. He'll probably scream at the top of his lungs and they'll have to move us to the luggage storage part of the plane. :lol:
    Thanks CC.Yeah, the best part of CNY for me has always been the family getogethers.
    Thanks Sashi. Same to you. :)
    Nolah Lucia, we can't fly home lah. Taiping is a one-horse town. We'll have to get off the plane midway between KL and Penang!!! Hahha!!
    We could stop, Annu. But during this festive rush, it'll probably take us 10 hours to get home.
    Zsarina, it's not bad. Just awfully quiet that's all! :)
    I'm hiding from you Gina. :lol:
    Same to you 9!
    6 hrs of lectures, Eileen??? I'm glad I'm out of school!!!
    MOO+1, my sympathies to you. And yes, Jesse will have to start getting discomfort!
    I'm happy for you Kervin. Soak in all in, dude! :)

  15. Happy Chinese New Year James! Luv your Loopy Meals theme...and Jesse's so cute too! Look on the bright side, KL's colorful for a celebration anytime don't u think?