Friday, February 4, 2005

I Like I Scream

carrots and peas

A couple of days ago while I was entangled in the RMP's red tapes (see previous entry), Pip and Estella came to visit. And just for kicks they brought their little girl, Screechin' Oli, to terrorise Jesse. Hehheh!

The kids got along fabulously, so I was told. They were just happy to be sitting around on the sofa in Mae's office. As you can plainly see, Jesse is in his "learning-to-sit" phase now. Oli, on the other hand, has had a 2-month headstart. But yes, they were like carrots and peas. Until the carrot screamed at the pea.

Out of the wild blue yonder, Screechin' Oli let out her Kungfu Hustle Screaming Kungfu Screech and blew poor little Jesse's eardrums out. And the boy cried and cried at the pain, and probably at the prospect of losing his hearing for good. Okay, okay.

So, my boy's a wuss! One little scream of enthusiasm from his little lady friend and the boy freaks out. Aiyiyi!

I guess he really needs to get out more. Mingle with other kids; screaming or otherwise. Unfortunately for him, Daddy and Mommy's hectic pace is depriving him of some good 'ol socialising. Looks like Mae and I will need to re-strategize. Or else the poor boy's gonna grow up into a henpecked husband one day.

Just like poor Daddy. *sigh*


  1. CNY is a good time to bring him out go meet people.Can get more ang pau too! :bpbpb Hehe,maybe Jesse likes silence more than noise. :bpbpb

  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai, James, Mae and little Jesse!

  3. Baby Jesse is so adorable! (I seem to say the same thing everytime I comment :P)
    I think it's a good idea to bring Baby Jesse out. I have 4 nieces. They're always at home so when they see strangers, they never fail to cry. Can be annoying sometimes. :)

  4. happy CNY to you James. bring baby jesse out yes, but not too often and not too many people. just to be cautious lar. ;)

  5. lol nothing like my neighbour kid - cried and screamed for 5 straight hours the one time the mom left her with us coz of an emergency.
    Uh peas is Jesse right so that makes him the kid in Pink right? Whats ur kid doing in Pink???
    By the way James, Mae and Jesse
    Gong Xi Fa Chai - Choy San :)))))))

  6. This may be a bit off ... but, hey! Kong hei fatt choy and journey mercies if you're travelling! =)

  7. oh yeah, forgot to wish you, Mae & Jesse, Xin Nien Kwai Le.

  8. maybe can consider enrolling jesse either at tumble tots or gymboree so he can mingle around :)
    my boiboi started off at tumble tots as a shy and reserved toddler but now he terrorise his friends there!!! there's one at jusco kepong ;)

  9. By the way, just for curiosity's sake... how you did that '+' sign one? The one where you click on it and a whole list of blogs comes tumbling down... any javascript needed? thanks!

  10. Hahaha..I can just imagine the whole scenario! So cute!

  11. You henpecked husband? Sure or not? Sounds like you're the one who bullies Mae Ling, hehehe...
    Anyway, blessed Chinese New Year and happy holidays.

  12. What a pair of cuties! Jesse looks so big in that pic, not like a 5-month-old at all :)

  13. Maybe Jesse should wear earplugs whenever there are other babies around... ;)
    Happy new year to you all!

  14. Come to my house, James. Sasha can teach Jesse a few screaming tricks.

  15. The kids are SSOOOO CUTE!!!!!

  16. yes, we have had the privilege of "hearing" screaming Oli too. Surprising that such a beauty is capable of screams of KungFu Hustle proportions! She's gorgeous and completely unprepares you for "the voice"!
    My kid is slowly beginning to follow in her footsteps though..... amazing how quickly them lungs develop....

  17. "So, my boy's a wuss!"
    hehehehe, he's not gonna be the big prick of his own family that is for sure.

  18. aiyo, so cute!! love the picture so much! happy CNY by the way.

  19. oh yeah ...gong xi fa caii ..ang pow gia lai ^^.

  20. aww.. kewte pic!
    Gong xi fa cai to y'all =)

  21. Hey, Gong Xi Fa Cai people!!!
    Nah Jason, our kid likes some noise. :)
    Thanks Lilian. Same to you and the gang.
    Eileen, it's about time we let him go out on his own. Hahhaha!
    Good advice, Buaya. Thanks.
    Oops! You got me there Visithra. :) BTW, I guess you won't be volunteering for any babysitting for your neighbour anytime soon, eh?
    Nope, no traveling this year Deb! BTW, you can find the Expandable Menu script at
    Good idea, BabeKL! And Xin Nien Kwai Le to you too.
    Yah Mdmafia. Thanks to our police force, I had to imagine the whole scenario too.
    :lol: Jotay, there's a saying in Cantonese: Mou Saeng Kau Ngau Sei Yaan. (A quite dog will bite you to death) Bwahahahahah!!!
    Yeah Ariel, he's like a little old guy, eh? :) Doesn't help that little Oli is outshining him.
    Give him some time, Norzu and I'm sure other kids will be needing the earplugs some day!
    Gina, Jesse's learning some new annoying sounds on his own now! :lol:
    Why, thank you 9!!
    Cute as a button and loud as a cannon eh, Husband? :lol:
    He'll get there, Leo! And here's a virtual Angpow for you... *piak* :lol:
    Thanks Emma. And happy CNY to you too !
    And Koongheewatsai to you too, Chun!
    Twins, Reta. Poor Oli's parents will be so disappointed. :lol:

  22. Thanks, James! Appreciate it lots! =)