Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Royal Malaysian Pain

James vs the Milo Tin

Do I have the most exciting life or what? I'm parked and I get into an accident anyway. *sigh*

Yesterday after work, I walk towards my car only to find my bumper badly mutilated. As I approached, I noticed a nervous looking young dude eyeballing me. "You hit my car?" I scowled at him from afar to which he sheepishly nodded. Turns out it was his wife who was driving when a slight distraction caused her to lose control and plow into my car.

It annoyed me that I would have to make a police report, do my insurance claim and be without a car for awhile. I was mildly pissed-off yet at the same time, I appreciated this nice couple for hanging around after the accident till I showed up. I thought it was decent of them. Besides, they look really remorseful for the inconvenience they had caused me. But then again, maybe they're just smarting from the heavy damage their Kancil sustained.

Anyway, today I made a police report of the incident for my insurance claim. Turns out our Royal Malaysian Pain Police has a new system for reports. You key-in your own report in one of the 2 PCs available. Unfortunately for me, ahead of me was a two-finger typist with a writers block. At the other terminal was an aspiring novelist determined to make the bestseller's list here at the RMP. So despite having arrived at the station at 11am, I was only done submitting my report at 12:30pm.

After getting a printout of my report, I was directed to the room next door to meet the investigating officer. After another bout of waiting, I finally see the guy at 5 minutes to 1! He files in my report, instructs his colleague to take some snapshots and tells me to head upstairs to collect a copy of my report for my insurance claim. What the...!??! For some reason best known only to the RMP, they don't make you a copy on the spot. They prefer to inconvenience you. *sigh* But I don't argue. They have too much shit on me.

And so I run upstairs to Window 9 for my report only to find it closed for lunch. Defeated, I decided to have lunch with Cocaine (the friend, not the drug) and Bud (the friend, not the beer).

At 2pm, I dropped of my lunch companions and made my way back to the station. And that's when I ran into the mother of all traffic jams. What in the world happened? There were fender-benders everywhere in PJ! Cars were everywhere - on the roads, on the kerbs, on the road shoulders hoping to inch a little closer to their destination. Above, the sky was turning dark threatening to pour. It was crazy. It was like the world was coming to an end and everyone's trying to drive away!

Despite being only 15 minutes away, it took me 90 minutes just to get back to the station. And guess what. Yup, closed. Closed at 3:00pm! What kind of sexually-repressed, anal-retentive sadist came up with the idea to close a busy counter at 3:00pm!?

Ugh! I have to do this again tomorrow. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day.


  1. The damage on your Berlingo pales in comparison to what happened on the Kancil! Man, those cars really must be made of milo tins. *shakes head*

  2. RMP closed their counter at 3pm? Whatta bunch of lazy bummers!

  3. oh poor james. all the run-around you had to do. well, wattudo, our police report system like that one. malaysia boleh!

  4. sorry to hear wat happened. well at least yr car is still errmmm "intact" :)

  5. Please tell me your car plate #. who knows the god of prosperity is knocking on my door this w'end, WOW !!

  6. Parked there also kena bang,somemore the Milo Tin bang until like that."P" driver ah?And I was just talking bt lady driver that day.Sighz...At least ya claim insurance,but u lost all ur dunno-wat-is-tat,CAP ah?where u get 55% discount if u dun claim ur issurance,n u pay less...

  7. So sorry to read that this happened to you.
    But if I were you, I wouldn't file an insurance claim because the damage on your car doesn't look too serious. And if you do get a claim, you will have to pay a higher premium next time. Not worth it, IMHO.

  8. lucky u & family not in there...wait kena shocked. Hehe

  9. hehe.. SO nice of those 2 people.. there was once i parked and got hit-and-run.. it was quite bad and the worse part was i don't know who did it.. grr..

  10. hehe..I know what you are going thru. Had an accident 2 years ago..went thru the same thing. Had go go back there 3 times just to settle my fine becoz those lazy bums closed at 3pm (this u know)on weekdays and 11am on saturdays!!

  11. they close at 3pm? WTF?!? u see how this country is being run by stupid people? is it any wonder msia can't go anywhere? mch

  12. Jason.. i think you mean NCB (No Claim Bonus)
    My experience pales in comparison to James. Mine was a parking fine.. hihi
    Do read

  13. WTH? Lunch till 2pm, come back, work 1 more hour then off liao? Malaysia Boleh!

  14. Izuan: What you see in the pics is superficial only. The Kancil's radiator and engine block got it bad too!
    Aiyoyo, Grace.
    Yup, Sashi. I never met a copper I didn't dislike.
    Anonymous, Malaysia Boleh indeed.
    But do give them the benefit of the doubt, Madder. Maybe they had to so something important - like catch crooks. Naaaah.....
    Yups, BabeKL, I'm still driving it around.
    The car or the cops, CC? :)
    Don't bother, Beauty. For as long as I have had a car, the number's never come up. :lol:
    Lady drivers, Jason? Nooooo.... don't go there!!!! :lol:
    No worries, Ariel. I'm making a 3rd party claim. That mean's the Kancil's insurance will pay for my repairs. :)
    You're right, 9. Luckily, yesterday of all days, Mae and Jesse decided to go home with her mom.
    I know what you mean, Julie. Someone else might have made a run for it.
    Oh Lepak, I'm pretty well versed with the procedure by now. I've been in 4 accidents. And none of them my fault. :)
    Wooo. Your alphabet soup very kuat lah, Olivia!
    Paulos, wait till I show you my "Lethal Weapon Firearm Tag" slip I got at the airport. :lol:
    Sure mah, Doc. Or else where got time to set up Operasi tepi jalan? :lol:

  15. How did she hit it until it became like that?:O

  16. her driving skills are amazing!!!
    and just before CNY. It always happens before some festive season. Tough luck. At least you still hv your health and hair (got ah?).

  17. Ouch, James! Your poor cute car :(

  18. Oh, that's alright then :)

  19. James, Lethal Weapon Firearm Tag... must be serious. *reminds me of the jokes guys used to talk about "Lethal Weapon" *wink*
    But SERIOUSLY, engine block pun kena? Apa demolition derby ka? But looking at how the Kancil kena kopek like a tin milo, your Berlingo is in very good shape. Continental Cars Rock.
    *But i can't afford one... sheesh* Still drooling about my dream car.. Volvo.. heh heh...

  20. wah, jialat oh. hope you get eveything done soon without any hitches. cheers bro.

  21. Sorry to hear that. But I think the couple is nice enough to stay around. Hard to get this kinda people these days. Lucky they dent your car, not mine. You know how ferocious I could be.

  22. Err.. do you need a lift to pan mein this Sunday?

  23. Sorry to hear that James, Yeah, claimed her insurance, don't blow ur NCB. :)
    maybe it's a sign for a new car?? ;)

  24. My thought exactly, Alvink!
    Yes, MOO+1, I still have my hair. Quite a bit of it too, I must say.
    Coolgal, it'll never feel cute again now. :o(
    A Volvo eh, Paulos. Quite an unconventional choice for a dream car! Just like mine. I'd really love a Volvo Amazon circa 1960-ish!
    No such luck, Buaya. This will have to sit out till after CNY!
    Well Lin, all things considering, it wasn't to bad a day actually.
    Nah, Gina. I still have my car. :)
    Yeah man, Papi. I'd love a new car, but duit tarak!

  25. If money were not an issue... man.. I'd collect the following models..
    Volvo Amazon
    P1800 - aka The Saint
    122S - (2) 1 original mint, the other Roadster modified..
    144S - I grew up in this car.. :)
    850 T-5 - Wagon that won the BTC
    C70 - The Saint's new wheel
    But hey!!! That's just a dream right ;).. I still love my trusty Iswara...