Saturday, February 19, 2005

Rain-Cheque Valentine

Mae and I didn't have much of a Valentine this year.

Valentine's day is a marketeer's wet dream. Weeks prior to the days, you're bombarded with slogans convincing you that you're not loving enough. No Skippy, you're an unromantic, spineless, sea-cucumber. Unless you can cough up the cash to buy that gargantuan diamond rock of a ring. Or that expensive box of no-child labour Belgian chocolate. Or that French chef cooked, New Zealand T-bone steak with that South Australian, Vietnamese trampled 1921 vintage wine. Or that tripled priced, Martha Stewart inspired, bouquet of Cameron Highland roses. And before you know it, you're sucked into a vortex of guilt, rendering you temporarily insane - enough to break your bank in declaration of your love.

It's so shallow and stupid.

And yet, every year as Valentine's Day approaches, I find myself trying to actually do something for the day. Because, in my mind, someone will come up to Mae and ask her how her Valentine's day went whereupon she will go, "Teeheehee... he took me there... and we got... and it was so... teeheehee." In my fantasies, Mae always goes, "Teeheehee..." I don't know why. Hahhahh!

I know how that makes me sound like some schoolgirl fetishist perv. That's not true at all. I'm just shallow and stupid.

Anyway, in a flash of money-saving brilliance, I plotted a night to remember. We would go for a lovely dinner of the world's finest Frog-Legs Porridge and Deep Fried Spring Chicken at Jalan Alor. And after that we would walk along the brightly-lit sidewalks of Jalan Bukit Bintang, hand-in-hand, like lovers do. And we would eat expensive, low-fat Italian ice-cream seated at the steps of BB Plaza watching the world go by.

All for nothing more than RM59.90! Heh!

But alas, we'll have to take a rain-cheque on that. It rained like cats and dogs that day and we ended up in Tesco with Jesse in tow, having a sub-standard dinner at Secret Recipe. It was so blah, I can't even remember what we ate. But something tells me that we're gonna have that Frog-Legs dinner real soon. It's all I've been thinking about for the last week! Yummmm...

I better stop writing now before I go and do something stupid like sneak off into the night and have frog legs all on my own. :)


  1. your plan is awesome, and it won't matter if it didn't happen on VD. ;)

  2. wonder who is gonna look after jesse when u all go for frog legs?

  3. Frog = "Tin Gai"?Very nutritious one woh~;;) Anyway,cheap and yet effective VD celebration.Can be considered as a plan as well compare to my fren who spend up to RM300 for 1 meal.:)

  4. eh which stall? i wanna eat!!

  5. Secret Recipe substandard? Okay, maybe compared with frog leg porridge, but...?
    This is what I do at Secret Recipe (okay, I only went twice) - just buy slices of cake. Try everything. And it doesn't hurt the wallet too much.
    BTW, isn't the steps of BB Plaza rather, uhm, dirty? Okay, I haven't been there for months, but...

  6. Pickyin, anything that involves ice-cream at the end is awesome. :)
    I guess we'll just have to dump him off to his granny's, Cherry! Or else he'll have his first taste of Frog Legs!
    Nutritious, Jason? Hmmm... that's another plus point, isn't it? :lol:
    It's on Jalan Alor, towards the end. Will blog about it with pics and an address when we do go, Ryuu.
    :lol: RajanR, actually Secret Recipe is great when you're eating cakes. Their dinner/lunch menu, now that's another story altogether!! And yeah, the steps of BB PLaza are probably dirty but it's okay - Mae and I are filthy people! :lol:

  7. awesome, love the plan. just hope the frog don't turn into a handsome prince when mae kisses it. ;) when it's not in hot porridge yet, that is.

  8. what great way, i mean your plan hehheh...
    we usually dun celebrate but since hubby missed out on not buying me anything for sometime, he decided to get US, yes, US hehehe something from the place famous wid its lil blue box :D

  9. So... have you had your frog legs yet?

  10. pickyin : VD ?? that sounded so wrong....
    anyway james, it's cant be as terrible during your "Tiffany" experience, can it ?

  11. I loved frog legs too, until I found out how frogs are slaughtered.
    First, they knock the frogs on the head with a club so they are semi-unconscious. Then they insert a sharp-tipped scissors in the anus and cut open the stomach, in one snip, pouring out the innards. Next, they skin the frogs. Skinned frogs are still alive and you can see them hopping around in their glistening bare flesh.
    Bon apetit.

  12. TIN KAI CHOK in JLN ALOR??? THE BEST!!!!! oh yummmmm.... must go there someday......!!!!!!!!
    sorry little froggies...death is imminent.

  13. hiya james,
    just a note to say that i'm still as entertained by your blog as ever, and am still "keeping in touch" with u by reading.
    i glean human insights too from ur blog.
    take care,

  14. we din hv v's day celebration oso

  15. Fly, I used to be a handsome prince til Mae came along! :lol:
    OoOo BabeKL, His & Hers bling-bling? :)
    Nah Mumsgather. Haven't gotten round to going yet!
    If I told you, I'd have to kill you myself, Leo!
    Mdmafia, I'm not squeamish. :P
    Frog legs, Annu? Hehhh!
    Yes MOO+1. Must go.
    Hi there, Adriene! Weren't you supposed to buy us breakie? :lol:
    Hmm... better not be because he thinks he's got you already and no need for any further effort, Oliviasy.
    :lol: RajanR. Agreed!