Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mini Roadtrip

who needs a tranq gun

Yesterday was a big day for Jesse. And for Mae and I as well. Yesterday we took our first out-of-town trip. Huzzah!!!!

Jesse's had problems with car rides. For some reason, he hated being in his car seat. On Monday, Mae's parents gave him a belated "Welcome to Earth" present. They bought him a spanking new car seat. And though he still hated the idea of being strapped in, he was comfortable enough to sleep in it. This was a first for us.

And so Mae and I decided that were ready to take a roadtrip; a short one, but a roadtrip nonetheless. And as it turned out, Mae's Uncle Sam and Aunty Grace invited us to their home in Seremban.

We readied ourselves early enough. At 9:30 we were all dressed. But our strategy was to leave the moment Jesse falls asleep - which usually happens round about 10. But for good measure, we decided to defer his naptime. And so we played with the little guy, keeping him up for quite a bit. By 10:30am he had gotten so tired he practically fainted in my arms. Hehh! Meanwhile, we also got our entire family to pray that the little guy would have a painless journey.

And for the first time in his life, he slept through an entire car ride. It took us a little over an hour to get to Seremban and he slept like a... erm... baby, waking up only 5 minutes away from Uncle Sam and Aunty Grace's home. Best of all, he was in great spirits when we got there. Hallelujah!

It was a miracle of sorts. But then, as parents, just about every little milestone our baby crosses is a tiny miracle.


  1. hahaha, you ebil ...playing with baby jesse till he is too tired to wail in the car. lol.
    it seems that you had a good cny, good to hear that..any chance of me collecting a lil red packet from you ? :P
    anyway happy belated chinese new year.

  2. Wow ... looks like baby Blade is truly becoming the DayWalker. All the strengths and none of the weaknesses! Mua ha ha ha ha ha! Happy New Year to you James! See ya in the office next week!

  3. a reader of your blogFebruary 12, 2005 at 11:43 AM

    it must be the new car seat ! : )
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family !

  4. Yay! now you can pratice a few times more and he'll be ready for a trip to Taiping before you know it. :)

  5. happy belated cny! ang pao kasi mali ;)
    ps: cute baby!

  6. Yay! I am so glad that you guys finally took Jesse on a road trip. Do it more often and Jesse will be used to it. Last month, we drove back from Kuching (about 6 hours away from Sibu) and Emily slept during the whole time while being strapped to her car seat. She only woke up when we stopped for toilet breaks as it was also her feeding time :)

  7. lucky! My sons could never take to their car seats! Is Mae still breastfeeding Jesse? That could be both a boon and a bane on roadtrips.

  8. Ah! Finally. Have you tried to carry him in your arms while in the car? Probably a cuddle might help.

  9. Worn-out babies are the most compliant, Leo! :lol: And as for that Angpow, I'm in hiding already. Bwahahaha.
    Next, I'll be teaching kim to kick some ass, Surfgod. :)
    I think so too, Reader!
    My thoughts exactly, Norzu!!
    Here's a virtual angpow for you Sarah: *piak*
    6 hours!!! Whoa, you have my eternal respect Ariel!!!
    Nope Zsarina, he's fully formula fed as of a couple of weeks back. So, how did you cope with travelling?
    Gina, he's always okay with a cuddle. Problem is, we don't wanna be cuddling him for such a long ride at such high speeds and heavy traffic.

  10. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family, James.
    May the golden rooster brings you more Fattening Fatt Fatt throughout the year :-)

  11. so jesse has passed the first car ride test. rest assured that next, he might be looking forward to the trip to taiping. :)

  12. er, do you mind to let me know, what type/brand of Jesse's car-seat?
    Since Amir is a bit heavy nowdays, so we are planning to buy one for him. Only then mommy's lap can get some rest. :)

  13. kongsi-kongsi to the tan family.
    baby jesse will get the hang of it soon enough. hang in there.

  14. in hiding ?? damn j00 ...i'll see you in dumc then

  15. Hey was just reading your post on Darth Maul. Did you buy it about 3-4 years ago online bidding somewhere. I was also bidding for him/it....
    So in the end he/it was too expensive for me, so I resorted to buying the life size Jar Jar Binks. Gave it to my friend as a birthday present.
    You could strip Darth Maul and wear his garb to a party I think... ;).. Was tempted to do that to Jar Jar.. but dimensions were odd..

  16. hey james, congrats on getting jesse to sleep in the car seat. my little girl hates hers too but she's kinda resigned herself to it.
    i did notice though from the pic that the straps of the seat look loose. i think they mention in the manual that it should be fitting, so as to prevent injury to baby in an accident. all you have to do is a little manouvering to make it tighter.
    my two cents. hope it helps.

  17. kate is right there james. RTFM!!! its a wise choice to strap up and place yr child in a car seat, bravo!!
    my boiboi lups sitting in his seat and watch the cars out the window
    tips for those who wants to hv their kids strapped onto a car seat w/o fuss:
    (1) start them young, right from newborn. make sure u place yr seat forward facing and if u intend to place it in front seat, ensure u do not hv a passenger airbag!
    (2) for older kids, if they kick up a fuss, tell them dat the car wont start until they strap up.
    good luck!

  18. wah, nice car seat. my test will come in June when i take the buaya family for a local vacation, a long 4 hour drive!

  19. ha ha ... we did the same too. We played (or go shopping) with Yiyi till she's all tired and sleepy, then put her into the baby car seat, and she'll sleep like a
    next time try to put him into the seat, even for a short ride to the shops or a stroll., to get him comfortable and used to the seat.

  20. Mr Buaya,
    My dear Amir is used to long journey, i.e KL - JB - KL.
    Sorie James. Your comment section has become a mini forum =)

  21. Awww...he look so cosy, so ternganga. Taiping char koay teow, here I come - says James. Go back James, go back. Before chap goh meh. Mom and char koay teow waiting.

  22. Anjali: I could use a little Fattening Fatt Fatt! :)
    Taiping is a 3-hour drive, Lucia. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    I'm not sure of the brand, Hazel but you can buy it at Planet Enfants in Atria. You can also get a similiar one in ToyCity, 1 Utama. Costs RM 359. :)
    Here's hoping, Fly. :)
    Sure, Leo the stalker. :lol:
    Nope Paulos, an ex-partner tackled a girl to get Darth Maul. :) It's free. And yeah, I considered wearing his garb but I realise that I'm far fatter than Darth Maul ever was. :lol:
    Thanks, Kate. You're right, the straps are a little loose in that pic. We're strapping him tighter now. :)
    That's good advice, BabeKL. We'll be facing him forward as soon as he turns 6 months - as advised by the manual.
    Across the Causeway, Buaya?
    Yup, Papi. We're using it as often as we can.
    Forum away, Hazel! :lol:
    OooO... I'm tempted to go back even now, Lilian!

  23. oopps my mistake, its not supposed to be forward facing aiyoyo, shld be rear facing until he's like 1 year old. sorry