Wednesday, February 16, 2005


going places

Jesse had been trying to get around lately. After getting acquainted with with arms and legs over the last couple of weeks, he'd finally decided to put them all to good use.

So there I was visiting him at Mae's office during lunch hour on Monday when the boy decided to give us demo. Fortunately for me, like any goofy new parent, I had my camera with me just to capture the moment. And boy, what a moment that was. The again, I'm biased. He could be taking his first shit and I'd be proud of him. Hehheh! Anyway, Mae and I were practically cheering our heads off!!

The video's available here. It's small (about 1MB) so it should download pretty easily. Enjoy!

Now on YouTube!


  1. Awww..and before you know it, he's gonna be learning to drive..crashing your car!! Loved the video!!

  2. Nice...Another milestone for Jesse.Cheers!

  3. a reader of your blogFebruary 16, 2005 at 4:18 AM

    what a memorable clip !
    give us more !!
    : )

  4. WOW!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!
    Great that you caught it on video too.
    Mega congrats to Crawling Jesse

  5. Hahahhaah...well done, Jesse! Cute!
    And James, that was your fingers alright!

  6. way to go jesse. he looked like one determined boy and not easy to give up type!!! go, jesse, go!

  7. Wow, how cute more can he get?! ;) You go boy!

  8. Aww...that was so sweet! That was a lovely clip-complete with champion soundtrack. *beam* Rock on Jesse!!

  9. can crawl already? give 30 more days, jesse will be standing already (but not walking yet). ok, notice has been given ;)

  10. made me feel like nak kawin liao.... and have kids

  11. Boy! You're so lucky you had your cam with you! Happy! Happy! Happy! He's so cute! Really cute!

  12. this - crawling - is the first stage to an endless headace time when jesse starts 'toddling' around the house. ;)

  13. Wow, I am impressed! That's pretty quick for his age right? What an achievement! :D
    Btw, Jesse has such long arms and legs. I think he's gonna grow up tall :)

  14. hAHAHHA. OH BOY. He actually kissed the floor also. Treasure every moment now. By the time he is on both his feet, I hope he will behave!

  15. Wahhhh!!! So great to see that!Waiting for the video when baby boy starts to walk..hehe

  16. cutee! nice music to go with such a memorable clip. sounded like he was walking on the moon or something :) so funny & cute. jesse's so blessed to have such supportive excited parents..hehe!

  17. Man..i found myself cheering him along as well, and going NOOOO wen he tumbled.. aiyo damn nice la.. he's so cute, must cubit!! =)

  18. Well, -V-, I hope he takes his time doing that. :)
    And many more miles to go, Jason.
    Thanks, Reader. Yes, I will be shooting some more videos!
    Make sure you have your camera at all times, Husband. :)
    I shoulda named him Jesse Owen eh, Sashi?
    Mdmafia, Stop checking out my fingers!!!
    Yes BabeKL, he can be very determined. Sometimes to the point of being stubborn. Ugh!
    He's got a few more monkey tricks up his sleeve, Janus! :lol:
    :lol: Chun! And did you notice the "cheer" track courtesy of his goofy parents?
    Julie: *Daddy takes a bow on behalf of Jesse*
    Wah, so fast ah Buaya! I'm not prepared, man!!!
    :lol: You go right ahead and do it, Vaveevum!
    Yeah Ted3Bear. Now I have to keep my camera charged at all times, just in case!!
    For some strange reason, I'm actually looking forward to that, Lucia!
    Ariel, if he does grow up tall, he sure didn't get that from me!
    Hahhaha, his granny freaked out when she saw that, Gina! "Was the floor clean?!?"
    Hope I'll be ready to capture his first walk, Bigbigmug!
    Jane, that was the theme from "Chariots of Fire" a movie about a bunch of guys who tried to run the 1-minute mile in the Olympics. :)
    Hehhehee, it breaks my heart a little everytime I see that bit, Annu. But when he gets up again.... fuuh!!! :)

  19. be there for his very first word also James!

  20. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..............

  21. What can i say? Jesse is getting cuter and cuter day by day!! :)

  22. oh wowwww!! look at him go! so cute lah... james you certainly have a flair for the dramatic - chariots of fire no less!

  23. hurray for jesse on the car ride and the starting to crawl business.

  24. It is super-thrilling when we can show off our kiddos to the world like this, ya?

  25. Hazel, I'm teaching him his 1st sentence already, "Daddy is the Best!" :lol:
    Meng: :)
    He's at a really fun age, Cherry, doing all the cute stuff.
    CC, we're a dramatic family.
    He sure did, April. :)
    Hurray indeed, MOO+1!
    I know, Lilian. We're like those scary parents who corner people to show off our kid's pics!!! :)

  26. Jesse is sooo cute.. so determined! ;)