Friday, September 30, 2005

PJ Section 14 Chee Cheong Fun

the pride of PJ

I love Chee Cheong Fun. In Malaysia, we get quite a good variety of the stuff.

We have the Yong Tau Foo Chee Cheong Fun which comes with Fishballs and other fish-stuffed veggies. And then we have the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun which is rice flour rolls with Shrimps and/or Char Siew bits inside. We also have the Teluk Intan variety which comes rolled with potatoes and minced meat. And from up north, we get the Penang-styled dish that's a plain cut rice flour sheets with chilli sauce and shrimp paste. And finally, the most basic of them, is your elementary no-fuss, no nonsense Chee Cheong Fun served with a combination chilli and sweet sauce. And this is the one that I love best.

The reputation of Section 14's Chee Cheong Fun has been legendary. In fact, I've written about this once before about a year back. But I never got to try it until now, simply because they're sold out by 9:00am! Anyway, I've had it twice - most recently during that silly Warehouse Sale that got Mae and I up and about at 7:00am.

Anyway, the secret of this Chee Cheong Fun is definitely in the rice sheets they make. The superiority of a Chee Cheong Fun must surely be in the rice flour mix, which lends this one its smooth, silky texture. In the folds of the rice sheets are bits of poached dried-prawns. The dish is topped with a brown sweet sauce, a chilli sauce, green pickled chillies and garnished with a generous sprinkling of toasted sesame. It's such a simple dish that you just marvel at how something so elementary can taste so good.

The last time I was here, I was practically fighting off some aunties who came in droves to order packets upon packets of the stuff! So this weekend, get up early, take a drive down to Jalan 14/20 in Section 14 and find the Hai Keng Coffee Shop. Just make sure you arrive before 9:00am.

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  1. Oh man, why are you doing this to me? Fooooood...

  2. James, I hate you so. This is the type of chee cheong fun I can't find in Penang. The kind with some sauce like soya sauce. Last time, I used to eat the Ipoh Garden (or is it Canning Garden) one. SO NICE!

  3. james, have u tried the ccf in sec17 , road 29 coffe shop ?
    husband/wife team. he always cabar me to finish 5 rolls in one shot - if i can do that, he kasi pree !

  4. james, i also hate you so (like lilian,hehe), chee cheong fun is the food i miss THE MOST when I'm away from M'sia ... ahhh ...
    your place has become the place to gather all the chee cheong fun lovers huh ...

  5. where on earth am i going to find chee cheong fun at 1.10 AM!!??!! sigh, jamesss now how im craving for chee cheong fun already , tapau and send to sri damansara :D

  6. plssssssss... food other than chee cheong fun or chao kuey tiao :P
    oops! I just had a plate of chee cheong "not-so-fun" this morning :P

  7. WHICH warehouse sale?
    me not a fan of ccf... but if briyani...mmm...

  8. Waulau..! i must join the hate too..!! hahah!!

  9. i lurve lurve lurve ccf and i must go try the section 14 one. tq for reco, james!

  10. chee cheong fun - looks simple but yet so delicious :P

  11. cb ah you James ... torture la :( esp since I can't find this dish here or make myself!!!
    I curse you to eat as much CKT as humanly possible! HMPH!

  12. hmm.... this morning specially made time to go there (sec14) just to test out the ccf there... my personal comment lar : a bit too dry. i give 6/10.
    just also heard from my fren that there is a ckt-type of ccf in puchung. looks & smell so d@mn good . . .

  13. Wey, why you never blog about my PCCF man?

  14. hey..u must try food in O.U.G... i tell you, there's this char kway teow..SHIOKK like hell.. and the wantan noodles (at least 3 stalls)..are super super delicious...AND what about the famous PORK BALL (N SPARE PARTS) Noodles and of course, the Beef ball noodles...aiyo..let me not start talking about the varieties of chee cheong fun and yong tow foo..
    OH...almost forgot the famous assam laksa and curry laksa place..ohhh..........drrooooooolll fest.
    OUG is one place you can get a lot of superb non halal hawker food...ALL DAY!!!!!!!
    of course, mamak food sucks here somehow.

  15. **drool** lucky makan oredi :p

  16. The Teluk Intan variety has no potatoes .. God knows what's in it. Probably pork and shrimp etc. .. I married the daughter of the family which invented this CCF but only today still cannot pry the secret out!!! Argggh!

  17. kakakaka! James got "hated" coz of CCF. the perils of blogging, kakakaka! btw, i hate you too coz i can never get that CCF in my area. :P

  18. Go forth, Humblewarrior, and hunt for thy CCF.
    :) Penang CCF also nice wat, Lilian!
    Thanks for the recommendation, Li. I shall try it out. And sorry it didn't work out for you at Sec 14. ;)
    :lol: I'll see what I can do to relieve you, Greenapple.
    I hope you didn't go to sleep with craving in your tummy, Deepsy. That can't be very healthy. Hehh..
    Not-so-fun, eh Egghead. :lol:
    That was the Diethelm sale, Simon.
    Waah, get in line Big Bok!
    You are cleber cleber cleber, Adriene. :lol:
    Indeed, Chen.
    That is a curse I will gladly embrace, Gwen. :lol:
    Your PCCF guy is not bad, AhPink, but that's just cos I love Penang CCF. It's not terribly outstanding, though. ;P
    OUG huh, MOTT. Perhaps I shall make a trip.
    Nochet makan can makan lagi, Babe. :)
    Fuuh, you clever clever man, Bob. Looks like you'll just have to wait on the wife hand and foot and maybe she'll tell. :)
    *gasp* What kind of place doesn serve CCF, Belacans?!? I'd move if I were you. :lol:

  19. Hungry lar. Got Chee Cheong Fun?

  20. Hahh... I bet you haven't been there in awhile, AhPink!
    Eat your pc, Jacky. :lol:

  21. Erm....hi! I tried searching your archives but didn't seem to locate a 'meme on childhood food memories'. Maybe I didn't 'dig' sufficiently deep enough. Anyway, should you wish to participate, I have 'tagged' you. If you have already done one then....sigh....