Thursday, December 14, 2006


About a month back, we decided that it might be a good idea to start Jesse at a playschool in 2007. This, as ideas go, is fine except for one small little niggle - our boy is not toilet trained.

"I'm taking off his diaper," Mae proclaimed authoritatively. There was this look of sheer determination and rebellion printed on her face, much like those Che Guevara t-shirts you see at Petaling Street. That look meant I should shut up.

Needless to say, this is all very alien to Jesse. And so, we have had our fair share of minor accidents all over the house, as well as the Mother-In-Law's. Me, being me, I found it all very amusing; but let me tell you that finding poop all over your expensive Persian rug is no laughing matter. *ahem*

We try to schedule the boy's fecal activities but alas, that's as easy as predicting the next lightning strike. Put him on the pottie, and Mr. Poopie is no-show. Take him off and, well, you know the story. For some reason, taking a dump in a receptacle was just too weird for the boy.

Then, yesterday, for no reason at all the boy decided, "Ahh, what the heck," and let it all out into the pottie!!! There was cheering and clapping and high-fives throughout the land. Jesse is finally getting the hang of it. With any luck, he'll be good and ready come 2007!


  1. Wow, first of all, he was ugly, then he has a temper and now he is potty trained. You just made Jesse a 3-year old irresistable hunky boy.
    Can I be the first to ask for a doodle autograph?

  2. Hunky-boy, eh, Anjali. For that you'll get an exclusive, all-original Jesse crayon masterpiece. :)

  3. Aiyo. Almost 3 and not potty trained? What have u been teaching/training him?
    Zoe is already potty trained by 9 months lah! (Ahem).

  4. See? No need to train him leh..he can train himself! Don't listen to those ppl who "trained" theirs..their method shud be called potty-timing..!
    Hurray for Jessie! You did it all by yourself!

  5. I think little Jesse will be toilet trained much faster if his father would give him a live demo :P

  6. You're lucky Jesse's taking to the potty at 3. You sister Sue still isn't at 31. She wants to crap only when we've left the house and are in the middle of dinner at a restaurant.

  7. Hooray for Jesse! Luckily he decided to do his deed in the potty .. i know a little boy who is 3+ and still soiled his pants ... not pampers mind u ... pants!!! Eeks.

  8. yay! keep on with the good work haha

  9. Lol, first few weeks of Angelus he pooped and pee-ed in his pants ... does take awhile to toilet train them ...

  10. Hahaha. I always enjoy reading the way you write. You just have a fun way with words. Merry Christmas to you guys!

  11. congrats, james. and also, merry christmas to you and your family!

  12. Merry X'mas to you, Mae and Jesse! :)

  13. Merry Christmas and have a safe holiday ;)

  14. :lol: I guess I'm a lesser parent that you are, Joshua!
    Unfortunately, MOTT, even potty-timing has been a struggle.
    Ahem* Of course I did, Egghead.
    Stevo: Heh, maybe she needs a refresher course.
    Twin! Trust me, we've had plenty of that in our house.
    Thanks Babe, will convey the message to Jesse. :lol:
    Aw man, P, I'm really not looking forward to this.
    Thanks Annie. But we're still a long way from success.
    Thanks Mumsgather.
    Merry Christmas to you guys!