Monday, December 11, 2006

Temper, Temper

Mae tells me our boy has a bit of a temper. But it was only today that I experienced it for my own. And let me tell you that it wasn't some mild stomping of the feet - we're talking some full blown, serious Emily Rose shit!!!

We were on the way out of the house today when the boy decided he'd rather be watching Barney instead. And when Mommy said no, the boy started gnawing on the VCD. Mae grabs the disk and slaps him lightly on the hand and that's when it started.

He screams at the top of his voice, wailing for justice, and threshing all over the floor. Then he starts trying to rip his shoes off his feet. And when I tried to carry him out, he grabs on the door frame. After a whole lot of tugging and pulling and kicking and screaming, he finally calmed down when I managed to divert his attention.

To be honest, I'm not sure I know how to handle this. I can't be diverting his attention all the time when what he really needs is a little disciplining. *sigh*

That Barney - he's the tool of the devil, I tell you!


  1. Boys with bad temper is a no no. Better work on it, Uncle!
    And that purple dinosaur ought to be shot dead.

  2. That purple dude is an american conspiracy to control kids worldwide I tell you! LOL!

  3. gnawing, as in biting?
    i was on to that purple evilness years ago, but no one believed me.

  4. actually diverting his attention was a good move. i do it all the time with my 3 year old. she quickly forgets what it was that she wanted so badly. babycentre (my baby bible :-))recommends it too.
    when jesse is a little older, perhaps you could also try reasoning with him.

  5. Yeah, my son has somewhat of a bad temper too but as much as it hurts, I do have to be stern with him, raise my voice at times and abit of threatening for him to learn that ... he can't get his way all the time or it's just not good for him of what he wants

  6. True, Jason. Can't let a bad temper get out of hand.
    It's like the kids have their own religion, Egghead.
    Li, the problem I have with the bible is that oftentimes it gets a tad overly melodramatic. "He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes". I mean, c'mon... hate? Agree with that last bit, though.
    I knew I shoulda listened to you, Simon.
    Yeah, Kate. You can never reason with a kid obsessed with the purple horror.
    I hear ya, P.

  7. It seems he's learned some tricks from Roma.

  8. Maybe he watch too much T.N.A or WWE learn fast nowadays!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
    Don't worry la..NORMAL!!! If Jesse doesn't throw a tantrum..but gives u the evil eye..then it's time to exorcise Barney outta house!!!!!!


  10. U sure he has been watching Barney or Bollywood films? So drama one...

  11. Oh, I forgot. Someone taught me this song - to sing lyrics to the tune of "This Old Man".
    Barney's dead, Barney's dead
    Someone shot him in the head
    With a big bang, bang and
    Barney's on the floor
    No more purple dinasaur.

  12. if it is once in a long while he show his temper, i guess it's ok (normal) but it happens too often, then only you have cause for worry... which can be overcome of course.

  13. Agree with lucia - u might want to work on it asap if its frequent
    me no like purple dinosaur for the very beginning -
    lol anj i love that song

  14. When everyone has just said that he's cute, he wants to turn into a monster now. ;p

  15. Stevo: She's his mentor. Hahhah...
    Unfortunately, MOTT, there has been one sighting of Jesse's evil-eye. *sigh* This does not bode well.
    Thanks for the links, Ariel!
    :lol: I love that, Anjali. That shall be the new Loopy Meals anthem.
    I am of the belief that kids should be allowed to vent, but perhaps in a controlled environment, Lucia.
    There's something perversed about a purple dino who sounds like he does, Visithra.
    Good point, Titoki. :lol:

  16. I think boy's tantrum is worse than girls. When my boy throws his tantrum its nightmare for us!!! Arg! But I dun give in .... haha Mommy is bad.