Friday, December 29, 2006

School Boy

Come Wednesday, 3rd Jan 2006, Jesse will begin an exciting (hopefully) chapter in his life - Kindergarten. I'm anxious like hell cos we've never left him alone in the company of strangers before. So we don't really know what to expect. Anyway, tomorrow Mae and will have to attend the kindie's Orientation Day which should manage our expectations quite a bit.

Wish us luck. :)


  1. This reminds me of Jesse's anti-social behavior, it's going to be though. Good luck still~

  2. whoa! jesse's all grown up - gonna be a school boy soon i see.
    first day of school is always... well... a bit difficult... wish you and mae luck!

  3. Good luck and i'm sure he'll make some new friends and when he comes home, he'll show what he's learned (they playful stuff especially) and tell tons of stories.
    Oh btw, Happy New Year

  4. Yippie Jesse goona go kindie!! EH the kindie got nice food ah ? My time damn syok! got bihun with fish cakes! then got bubur ayam also . hehehehe. Happy New Year James, Mae and Lil Jesse :D

  5. wah..big boy already! no need luck la..u need a miracle!!!!!!!!!

  6. hahaha... tell jesse, HANDS OFF THE GIRLS! with his father's charms and mom's good looks... he'll make the other lil girls swoon!

  7. He is a big boy now. He'll be alright. ;)

  8. It was tough, Jason. Hah!
    Second day was worse than our first, Lucia.
    Nah, P. He doesn't talk. Haahhahh!
    Wah Deepa, I wish I went to your kindie. Jesse's kindie only serves biscuits.
    Miracles seem to evade me alot, MOTT. Hahahha...
    *ahem* I need to buy you lunch or something, Amydoll!!!
    Ah. I can only hope, Titoki.