Monday, March 12, 2007


Last Friday I turned 36. I also decided that I'd spend it in the company of strangers at the Together-Gather Bloggers Party. One year older but none the wiser, I guess. Hahah!

But the party was a blast, except for the 2 hour jam leading to it. Still, kudos to the organising committee, especially Committee Chairman Wingz. All hail to the chief!

We met a whole bunch of people. Some old acquaintances. Some we've known through their blogs, but never met. Some completely new to us. Some people, we didn't manage to meet. That's mostly my fault. Despite displaying psychotic tendencies here on my blog, I am an excruciatingly reclusive person. Oh well.

Next year, count me in again. I'll try harder then.

P/S: To lazy to name names and link links. Sue me.


  1. haha next year u jadi chairman la!!! ur turn!

  2. Happy birthday man! Why didn't tell us that it was your birthday?

  3. aiks... your b'day ah? tak cakap pun? should have got u a cake then... well... at least one from the loo :P

  4. hahah...the last line--> heeding the PIKOM chairman's advise eh? :P

  5. Happy old hag...

  6. Happy, happy birthday! Hope you had a good one!

  7. Chairman, Wingz? I'm more of a Sofaman. HEhehh.
    Announce my birthday in a roomful of bloggers, Jason? Damn scary thought.
    Heya Graceshu, where in the world have you gone to?
    Hahah, Egghead, that was what I was afraid of.
    Aiks, DG, you were there??
    Thank you, Fanboy, you young sprat. I hate you. :lol:
    As good as can be, Bonnie. :)

  8. aiya..y didn't u say it was your wonder the reluctance in going home!!!!
    u shud've told us....we sure go "yaaaaammmmmm sengggggggggggggggg!" with u one!!!!!!

  9. can.....tell us mah, then, we call all the SYTs to give you a kiss. But wonder, Mae was there. Hehehe. Happy Birthday anyway. And you are a lot thinner than your blog.

  10. still here.
    lovely wife you have.

  11. Came thro Mott's blog,
    Belated birthday greetings!

  12. :lol: MOTT, paiseh mah!!!
    Wah Lilian, since you so clever say the right thing, next time you come here I take you on a food tour!
    Thanks. Not blogging anymore, Graceshu?
    Thanks, Just Me!