Tuesday, March 6, 2007

T-Rex vs B-Rex

Over the weekend, we had Jurassic Park on TV. Since Jesse likes Barney, who is supposedly a dinosaur, I figured he would probably enjoy seeing some "real life" dinos in action. Besides, I was intrigued as to how he'd take to less wholesome, less colourful dinosaurs. And so I turned down the volume a little, braced him close to me and we sat down to watch.

He really got into it, pointing to the screen when T-Rex made his debut. "Dinosaur," he said, as if to explain to me the proceedings over the idiot box. "Like Barney," I replied. Heh. He was loving it. Even when Big T flipped over a jeep to get to the couple of kids. "Naughty dinosaur, trying to eat the kids," I narrated. He grinned from ear to ear, as the dinosaur terrorised its human co-stars. And then, as the movie goes, the kids get away safely. When T-Rex exits, Jesse turns to pick up his Barney plush toy.

Suddenly, out of the blue, he flings Barney onto the floor and glares angrily at the purple plushie pedo. I hugged him close and asked why he was so upset. But since Jesse is a boy of few words, I'm left to wonder.

Perhaps, it pissed him off that T-Rex's scene was over. Or perhaps he was just mad that T-Rex never got to finish his job. Then again, it could even be that he was upset at the unfair media portrayal of his best friend as a bloodthirsty carnivore. Who knows?

That was also about the same time killjoy Mae gave me a look of disdain that pretty much said that I might have scarred our boy for life. Okay, okay, I'm a bad parent. But I always know how to fix things.

"Let's go watch Barney, yaayy!!!" I cried as I grabbed Jesse's favourite Barney video and headed for our bedroom away from the heat outside. "Yaaay Barney," cheered the little boy, all happy again as he followed me excitedly to watch yet another episode of B-Rex.


  1. It's funny how kids seem to behave without guidance. They get upset, frustrated, jealous, sad, sympathetic without us adults teaching them.

  2. When I was a small girl, I had a dino book with real dinosaurs and their names, as well as dinosaur toys..realistic ones, not cartoon ones. I really loved those, however I cant stand Barney, although my sisters liked him a lot when they were younger. A real dino can never be like Barney!

  3. Yah Gina. Makes for a great experiment.
    Hey Jyrenze, I'm a dino-fan too!!!

  4. there's something terribly wrong with that purple "dinosaur". terribly terribly wrong.

  5. You make that sound scary, Husband.

  6. Don't get me started on that purple monstrosity that jumps at every opportunity with stunted hands and a hairraising wimpish voice and the ever happy and high other two friends of his who are so ridiculous and annoying that they make the kids who are so fake actually more bearable. I haven't even started.
    Still, the spawn likes it too. Must be his mother's genes.....
    Veggie tales. Now THAT'S quality children entertainment. Top notch. REAL songs. GREAT humour. SUPERB storylines.
    Some of the Baby Einstein puppets are a hoot too.