Friday, March 30, 2007

Veins of the Vain

Of late, my little monkeyboy has become very conscious of the way he looks. Jesse is quite the vain little fella. These days, he makes a stand on what he'd like to wear. Or at least he tries.

In a recent episode, Roma had attempted to put on a blue jersey on the boy. He protested violently, kicking and screaming, and resisting. "Black shirt," he decrees amidst the sobs. "Black shirt," he cried, indicating that he'd much rather wear his black little rocker t-shirt rather than any goody-two-shoes baby-blue tee. He also determines what colour pants he'd like to wear for the day, and what shoes to match the ensemble.

Of course there are the good days when we pick out exactly what he wants to wear. That's when the boy will strut around the house proclaiming proudly, "So handsome." Or when he's feeling a little whimsical, then it's, "So cute."

Yes, his mother's veins of vanity courses through his own. :) Then again, his need to be beautiful could very well stem from my side of the family. Most likely my dad - his gramps.

Dad wears boots all the time cos it adds two inches to his stature. He also wears slims shirts and slim pants because is offers him a svelte silhouette. To further enhance its effect, he wears them black.

And then there's his hair which is always perfect styled. Also perfectly dyed. Midnight black. Heh.

Dad's also a firm believer of cologne, gallons of it - just in case, I assume, should he ever bump into a blind person who may not be able to appreciate his beauty visually, they can still do so... erm... olfactorily.

With influences like these, it's pretty clear to see where things might be headed for Jesse. By next year, I fully expect the boy to ask for cash to do his own shopping.


  1. Which means it REALLY is time to save up so that he can shop for his own clothes next year, hahaha :)

  2. I thought only the girls are vain. Sasha is behaving like Jesse but not Lok Lok. Lok Lok can go to school in his pajamas for all he cares. Yes. It's in the blood, no doubt about it.

  3. grooming towards romeo-ship. ahhh..the poor silly girls!!!!!

  4. Hmm... I wonder where Jesse got his "black shirt" genes from... :lol:

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  6. Indeed, Pelf.
    Yes Gina, and you have had a good taste of our blood haven't you? Hahhaha!
    :lol: Too bad you dun have any daughters, MOTT!
    Who knows, Bonnie... you wise ass!
    Joyce Gonzalez: Thanks for the offer. I dun mind, actually but I should probably ask the little girl's mom first. In case you need to, do write me at thatjames[at]gmail[dot]com