Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby Love


Jesse's got a little sister.

She's small, plasticky (and quite icky, thanks to the millions of kids who have had their paws all over her) and sits in a shelf in the far corner of Toys 'r Us, 1 Utama. And every time big brother comes to visit, he'll make his way to her shelf, pick her up and cuddle her. And ocassionally when he spots a little stroller close at hand, he'll even take her for a stroll around the place.

And whenever it was time to go home, he'd reluctantly part ways with her. "Bye-bye, baby," he'd whisper to her gently as he planted a loving little kiss on her forehead. (Euww... I know, I know! Icky.)

Still, it's quite a sight, his devotion to her.

I used to fear that Jesse would get jealous should Mae and I ever have another. But perhaps my fears are unfounded after all. And perhaps it's time to fire up the ol' oven. Hehheh...


  1. About TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get a move on it!! Go make another good lookin' lil baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yup, tell mae you want a quiver of arrows, hehehe

  3. I thought the rule was to get Jesse to say "Cheese" before making another one?

  4. *cult chanting*

  5. CHEESE TOAST ! ! ! ! !

  6. Your wife will prolly bash you good if she come across this. Make another... so easy ah? You put in your deposit and wait for the dividends while she does all the hard work... Tsk Tsk.

  7. Your wife will prolly bash you if she comes across this... Make easy ah? You just have your fun and make your deposit and then wait for the divideneds while she does all the hard work... sure, let's make babies! HAHAHA...

  8. I really like you fanboy, you've got the right prespective. And bash him I will.

  9. james, i think your hehheh at the end spoils it all - it sounds like an evil 'hamsup' laughter (after the oven), thus prompting the outburst from fanboy and mae's urge to bash you. :)
    anyway, whatever, good luck to both of you!

  10. So, what happened to you that night after Mae read this? :P

  11. Heya, thanks for signing up! I've visited your site before a couple of times actually - my sisters like reading your blog, and they showed it to me because they thought it was very cute. This was while Bob was still around btw.
    FYI, We're looking forward to having more parenting blogs (there are quite a few currently) as we're planning something that would benefit parents, advertising wise and perhaps even free product samples for your kids :)

  12. Good looking, MOTT? Dunno how lah. Regular looking one also damn susah to make already.
    Buaya, I scared she break my bow if I make such a request. :lol:
    Haha Jason, you actually remember. :)
    Go churn up some of your own, Egghead. :lol:
    Toast is right, Husband.
    What fun, Fanboy? Have to pay for a lifetime!!! Hahahah.
    Don't be coy, Honey. Ahem*
    Nahlah, Lucia. Not for now.
    Don't make me come there and smack you, Jason! :)
    Welcome by Josh. I'll be looking forward to those free samples. Hyuk! Hyuk!