Thursday, November 25, 2004

A Day in Hell

Yesterday, I was practically in hell. Actually, I was in Singapore. Heh! But that's not what I meant. I promise.

I had set my alarm clock to ring at 5am so that I could catch my 8 o'clock flight. But my little Jesse alarm went off at 4am. I got up to help Mae feed him and decided that it was best I didn't go back to sleep.

My return flight was at 5.25pm. By 3pm, my colleague Pinky and I waltzed out of the client's office. We got to the airport and decided to try and catch an earlier flight. As fate would have it, there was a 5.00pm flight on SQ. Great! Or so we thought.

By 5:30pm, we were still in the plane and the damn thing hadn't budged. "Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that we are experiencing some technical difficulty." They ushered out of the plane and told us to proceed to Gate 51 which, incidentally, was like a thousand miles away.

At Gate 51, we had to go through the metal detectors yet again. This time I didn't make it through. "Beeep!" the machine went. "Stretch out your arms, sir," the sullen security instructed as he ran a handheld detector all over me. The damn thing was beeping like a roadrunner on heat. "Remove your shoes." I did.

So there I was, arms outstretched and barefooted and looking every bit the terrorist. My long unkempt hair, dirty-coloured skin and my obsession with black clothing didn't help me one bit."That must be the bastard who planted a bomb in our plane earlier!" There was whispering all around. "Burn him! Burn him!" Heh! And all this while the bloody metal detector kept beeping! *sigh*

"I need to check your belt!"
Geez! Was there no end to my misery? What next? Cavity search? Calibrate your instruments for goodness sake!

By the time we took off, it was already 7pm. Hell.


  1. Aiiyyoo. Kesian James. At least you got through.

  2. lol.. poor thing. So what was it that set off the metal detector?

  3. hahahaha, your belt activated the metal detector ??
    That's not as bad as my experience.
    The metal detector activated because of the Kit Kat that i had in my backpack.

  4. had bad exp in one US airport too. my hairclip was the culprit. they made me ake it off and actually searched thru my long think hair. malu giler..

  5. james the shoe bomber! hahaha... dude, wear a little colour next time!

  6. yes... singapore is hell. singapore food sucks like hell. what else... oh..the people... the people... the people..

  7. I actually like Spore..for totally vested reasons of course :D

  8. LOL. Probably you swallow some metal stuffs when you were a kid.
    Come to think of it.. you DO LOOK a bit like a terrorist.

  9. LOL..
    this reminded me of 1 incident at my workplace. I work in a factory and there're metal detectors too..
    so on one fine morning after having breakfast, as i was leaving the plant, the detectors started beepin! i've got nothing with me and when the security ran da hand-held detectors over also cant detect anything...
    then my colleague prompt me a question - "do you think it's due to the underwired bra? can you imagine if they didnt calibrate it and it beeps when you're at the airport??"

  10. LoL LoL so many ffunny stories abt metal detectors among the comments. So wat did set the metal detector off for u?

  11. After all that humiliation, Norzu!!
    No idea, Kat. Must be my adamantium skeleton. Hehheh!
    Better cut down on the Kit Kats, Leo. The stuff will kill you. :lol:
    :lol: Vaveevum, that must have been an interesting experience!
    Can't wear colour, CC. Only black makes me look thin. Hahhahah!!
    *ahem* Fly!
    Say it, "The wonderful people", Mom! :lol:
    I have no idea, Narrowband. Must have been that WWII bullet that's still embedded in my skull. :lol:
    I like Singapore too, Annu. But I also like taking pot-shots at them. :lol:
    :lol: Wait till you get on board, Gina.
    Wah, Glinar, that'll be free show for the other passengers!
    They never found it, Andrea. Must be that steel-plated pacemaker I put it back it '82. :lol:

  12. years ago at Beijing airport, i kena the metal detector beeper too. after some touch touch checking they let me pass. when seated on the plane, my boss had this to say " Celaka punya buaya - on purpose set-off beeper so can be body touched by very SYT lady chinese security officer!" gosh, i sense jealousy there. hahahaha! :lol:

  13. i like my kit kat , uncle james ... mew ^_^
    besides its amazing that such a lame piece of foil can cause so much trouble

  14. For a while I thought it was some piercing in some embarassing place! :lol:

  15. Oh, what a shame that you equate hell = Singapore, mom of one.
    I'm Singaporean and I love Malaysia. Of course, we have differences and all... but we're clsoe neighbours, I have dear friends and relatives in Malaysia and they lived well there :)
    Anyway, sadistic as this may sound, most S'poreans are glad to be inconvenienced as we want our city-state to be safe. We have random checks at MRT stations too. hahhaha... unbelievable!

  16. Lucky you, Buaya! Mine was big burly guy! :lol:
    Mdmafia: Only you would think of such things. Perv! :)
    Shekyna, don't let it bother you. While a lot of us do ocassionally take jabs at our neighbours, there's no love lost here! :lol: BTW, I was in Manila once at a shopping mall - they had metal detectors there!!!