Monday, November 22, 2004

100 Days

One fine night... erm... out of the blue (heh!), Mae tells me, "You know what your mom said before I gave birth?" She had that evil gleam in her eyes. I knew at once that nothing good would come out of this conversation. But as a loving and wonderful husband, I humour my wife. "Okay, what did mom say?"

"She dragged me to a corner and told me that we can't have sex for a hundred days after birth. Hehheheh!"

It was her "Hehheheh!" that grated at my bones. Mae was never all that tactful.

"What? WHY??!?!?" I protested. "Confinement is supposed to be for 100 days," Mae explained how our stupid ancestors had decreed it so.

"I can't believe mom said that to you!" Mae was enjoying this. "She said men cannot control themselves." Then she added her annoying "Hehhehheh!" again!

What's a man to do? Take matters in his own... erm... hand? Hehheh! Sure, I laugh now but in truth, I'm crying inside.


  1. roflness. kesiannye.

  2. haha. good luck. :) love the layout btw~

  3. haha that's funny :p
    so is that "back to basics" thingy. lol
    lovely site!

  4. tht would be sumtime mid dec rite? wahahah wat a way to celebrate christmas ;P

  5. so are you going to take matters into your er... erm... hands? :) at least you won't cry so much eh.

  6. i suppose waiting it out would make it all the worth when it comes :)
    hang in there :)

  7. :lol: wanna start another countdown?

  8. yes James, I support that - take matters into your own hands! ;)

  9. superstition maybe but scientifically put as birth is a natural contraceptive, nursing a baby releases hormones that makes a woman less inhibitive and geared for sex to spend more time and energy to bring up baby:) So tough luck, just take matters in your own hands for a while :D

  10. haha... funny it came from your mom and she told mae instead of u hehehehe... be patient james :)

  11. look at the bright side of things... it could have been 1000 days :P

  12. ahahahahahhaha!!!! i can imagine mae laughing "ehehehehehe" at you :lol:

  13. i like CN's perspective on the matter... heheheheheh. dont worry, in between changing and playing with baby James, the 100 days would've passed already before u know it!

  14. dang! someone should have told me earlier about this 100 days thing.....!

  15. What would Mae say if you took matters into your err own hands? ;)
    What's a woman's (wife's) opinion of it in such a situation? ;)
    Errr.. have fun... :p

  16. instead of taking matters in your own hand, you could invest sometime into reading kama sutra.
    you need not help yourself, but you can get Mae to help you out with out having intercourse at all.

  17. funny!!
    But I know you must be dying inside. 100 days yet? tahan only lorr...for the love of your wife :)

  18. :lol: Grace. Nah, these days I'm usually too pooped to do anything.
    Thanks, Sarah.
    Hehh, good choice of words, Meng.
    Yes, Narrowband. I'm near estatic. Hehh.
    :lol: I like the way you think, Andrea.
    Hahhahha!! Geez Lucia...
    Hahhahah, I'm sure it would Wickidhecate.
    Now there's a thought, CC. :lol:
    :lol: You're not supposed to agree, Justme!!
    Whoa Kervin, that's too much info. :)
    I know, BabeKL. My own mother!!!
    Okay, CN-, so you're one of those "half full" people... :)
    Freaky eh, Oli? :)
    Time flies when you're NOT having fun, Ted? :lol:
    See, MomOfOne, no harm done... :)
    :lol: Paulos, methinks Mae will be none too thrilled. Imagine fighting your hubby's hands for his attention!! :lol:
    Too much advice, Leo!!!! :lol:
    Who's got time for extra-mural activities these days, Cherry? Bringing up baby is a fulltime job! :)

  19. The friend who called you whenNovember 24, 2004 at 2:51 PM

    Name : The friend who called you when you were in Singapore and you had to pass him something by Friday.

  20. The friend who called you whenNovember 24, 2004 at 2:51 PM

    Looks like Mr. Happy and his five friends gonna have a party, or you have to walk the dog, wrestling with the one-eyed monster, wax the dolphin, start the lawnmower, liquidate inventory, let Elvis leave the building, make junior vomit, empty the banana, oops... I'm getting carried away here.. muahahaha...

  21. euw james. gatal la.. now i am imagining your hand gestures... *cough cough* hehehehehehe

  22. too much advice ?? LOL you got to be kidding me, im just guiding you to the path of mortal pleasurement without the need of going on your own... but a path you can do it with the one you love and that my friend is Mae.
    she can always give you "a hand" when you're feeling "down"

  23. the malays have similar pantang. my mom religiously reminded me of the rule everytime I gave birth.

  24. EEeEeEWWWWwWw
    too much information.... AArrRGGGHHhHh!!!!

  25. Meanwhile, you 'choke the chicken' lor. :lol:

  26. Wei, Friend, why you not using your regular screen name? Hehhehh!!!
    *piak* Kev!
    Somehow, Leo, "feeling down" is not the problem. Heh!
    Everytime, Seri? Wow, you must have quite a production going! :lol:
    :lol: Alvink!
    Naughty, naughty, Mdmafia!

  27. if "feeling down" isn't the problem ....than what is it ? XD
    LOL, we must meet up one day have lunch around DUMC or something ^_^