Thursday, November 18, 2004

Finger Lickin' Good

Okay, this is one of the weirdest discoveries yet on my journey into parenthood.

Occasionally, Baby sleeps on our bed between Mae and I. While I have always assured Mae that I will never roll over and turn little Jesse into a pancake or catch him in the eye with my stray elbow, at the back of my mind the worry is always there. And so I take all necessary precautions. I sleep lower down the bed. Baby is all the way up there and my eye is at the level of his thigh. I figured in the event that I actually turn over, at the very most my head will just nick his legs. No harm done! :)

One night, the kid somehow managed to make his way towards me. And as you can imagine, he ends up sticking his crotch into my face. And thereupon came an amazing revelation.

His pee-soaked diapers smelt like Kentucky Fried Chicken. I kid you not.

"Honey, Baby's crotch smells like KFC," I tell Mae. "Oh my God, it actually smells good enough to eat!" Serious. Really.

Mae thinks I'm on to my nonsense. "No way! You're just hungry," she dismisses me. And so I pulled her over, for her to see things my way, if you will.

"Damn, you're right. He does smell like KFC!"

And there you have it. Confirmation that baby pee smell like fried chicken. And no, don't anybody try to egg me on to a taste test. Won't happen.


  1. Congratulations,
    Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken, featuring that secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. You have now identified one of the key ingredients... ROTFLMAO! :p

  2. one of the more incredible things in nature... must be compensation for the icky smell of poop :lol:

  3. james, that sounded disgusting and naughty.

  4. are just an amazing parent. If I were to smell my child's wet diaper...I would probably faint and not think of it as smelling remotely like food :)
    Jessy is very lucky to have you and Mae as his parents!

  5. Argh - what a totally new perspective. I should have read your entry before I go to eat KFC tonite.

  6. aiyoh.. u'll get to taste it eventually if his crotch keeps getting pressed up against your face every night.:)
    let's hope it doesn't k?

  7. smell like KFC, james tells us... but whether it taste like KFC or not, we won't know. :)

  8. haha, what a funny post ... James, please keep them coming ... love them a lot!
    thanks for sharing your life with us! (and all the funny [sometimes even 'nasty',hehe], very funny behind-the-scene stuffs ... )

  9. *pukes* :o(
    I'm sending this post to Colonel Sanders. Here starts another urban legend.

  10. ohmygosh!!! i'm never gonna look at KFC the same way again!!! LMAO!!!

  11. you sure its not the smell of the diaper??? A dry diaper has a vague KFC smell as well.

  12. you're right. i always thought it smelt like food... maybe it's all the salt in the pee.
    well, I'll tell you something, it definitely smells better than poo (esp. poo that smells like papaya!).

  13. That is so gross. The next time I eat KFC, thoughts of Baby Jesse's diapers will be swirling in my mind. Thank you. Thank you so much.

  14. :lol: By God you're right, Auyong! Eureka!!!
    Andrea, I think KFC is overcompensating! :lol:
    It did, Kev? ;)
    Trust me, Cherry. When you become a mommy, you'll be doing a lot of smelling!
    :lol: Pickyin! Yes, He made it so.
    Andreas, what you don't know won't hurt you. But now that you know.... :)
    Better not, Jolene. :lol:
    Would you volunteer to a taste-test, Lucia? :)
    Glad you like it Emma.
    It's funnier in real-life, Sashi. :)
    I doubt if Col. Sanders will read it, Fly since he's probably 6 feet under. Or perhaps here's yet another urban legend... :lol:
    You mean you'll still go, Olivia? :)
    Hmm, good point, JustMe. Tonight I'll go home and verify!
    But poo isn't all that bad too, is it, Mom Of One?? :)
    You're most welcome, Pete!

  15. uurrgghh there goes my appetite for fried chicken for a while, brave man smelling kid's diaper, even braver mum to try and verify your claim!

  16. hahaha better cherish such great smell b4 they turn 4 or 5 years of age cos dats when their body started to smell "saltly and sourish" hehehehe :p