Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Ring


There. It is done. I couple of weeks back, Mae dragged my ass down to KLCC to get her long awaited Tiffany.

RM 500-ish. I forget the actual price. Some things you just don't want to remember. Five hundred bucks and it isn't even gold. *sheesh* But it was the nicest ring there. The others were just normal. Didn't matter that Paloma Picasso designed them, they still looked like the el-cheapo knock-offs you get in Chinatown. But still, 500 bucks?! *sigh* I don't think I'll ever understand a woman.

It rained that day. From the very moment we got into our car to leave, it poured cats and dogs. It was like an omen. Or maybe that just God saying, "James, you're a lousy pushover pussy-whipped pumpernickel!" Whatever that means.

By the way, if you want a nicer shot of the same ring, head on over to Najah's. With a better camera, perhaps I could have taken a better shot. But who can afford a better camera now? Heh!


  1. pumpernicke?
    you barney lover, you.

  2. It isnt gold? Silver? Aaw, come on, you cant put a price on love :)

  3. The Mesh Ring is a classic! Get the Mesh bracelet, and the Mesh necklace... hehehehe!

  4. yeah first it was the engagement ring... then after married, comes the suffe-ring. haha. 'tis a classic joke actually. :lol:
    well james, so you finally got the ring. the most pleased person must be not mae but baby jesse as he was instrumental in making you part with over RM500 for it.

  5. james, that's God saying you're the man!!! you can now start saving up for another piece when baby jesse's brother or sister arrives.. *cough*

  6. I'm so envious of Mae..lucky her to have a husband who is willing to even step into Tiffany's...
    But honestly James...RM500 for a ring from Tiffany's is actually considered very very reasonable...lucky it wasn't Rm5000 !!

  7. James, fyi, women are not to be understood, just loved and spoilt rotten. Which you are doing nicely. Keep it up. :lol:

  8. kekekkekekkee. rm500... woohooo.... :P nxt time u can tell baby jesse dat. "no u can't hv toy, daddy blew 500 bucks on momma's ring bcos u said so... remember?" :lol: just kidding

  9. RM500 only.... lucky lucky B******!
    Mae must be one of those rare kinds that don't value money....just the thought and of course, design.
    you are really one smart dude, because for the next child (ahem!), you don't have to spend so much, coz your standard is already so (ahem!) low.

  10. Hunk of a husband aren't you;) your wife must be sooo happy now and off your back for a while;)

  11. Thats it, i'm hinting to my bf to come read here. Nola knowing him, i'm just going to send him the link straight! After all, Christmas is just around the corner. *grins*

  12. Barney, Grace? Arrrgh!!!! Ptui! Ptui!
    You can't Izuan? Hehheh!
    I was at your site. Coming from you, Danny, that is a compliment of the highest order. Thank you. :)
    Hey! Quit that, Najah! Have mercy. :lol:
    Yeah, Lucia. The little guy's got us wrapped around his finger.
    What brother and sister, Pickyin. Jesse is my only child. Hehheh!
    See? I'll never understand women, Cherry! :lol:
    Hey Fly, men need to be spoilt too!
    Already told him, Olivia! :)
    :lol: Mom Of One, Guess I just don't know how lucky I am!
    No, no, no, Kervin. They never get off your back. Ever. :lol:
    Run, Annu-boyfriend, Run!!! :lol:

  13. Good boy, James. Good boy. LoL. Wish I can successfully manipulate a tiffany out of someone. eh I think I need lessons from Mae.....

  14. blame Audrey Hepburn..

  15. It looks lovely, James. Mae's got good taste.

  16. You have good taste, kev. :)
    Sure you can, Zsarina. Have another baby! :lol:
    I knew that woman was up to no good, Wei Yi.
    Mdmafia, more my taste than hers. :)