Monday, November 8, 2004

Cockroach Flavoured

the backstroke was Siu Keong's favourite event

This here is Baby's water bottle. And right there on the surface of Baby's water is a baby cockroach.

If any of you out there are wondering, yes we're Chinese and we feed our baby water. Apparently, only the Chinese do this. Hehheh. We're hung up about our water. Our grandmothers force-fed our mothers water, and our mothers did the same to us. "Water is good for baby - it'll help him poop!" And so, here we are today continuing this silliness tradition.

Anyway, Baby Jesse hates water. It taste like crap - at least that's what's written on his face whenever we feed him water. In fact, we can hardly get him to take more than 3 ounces on a good day. But not when we spice it up with a little cockroach. Add one tiny little cockroach in your baby's drink and he'll lap it up like a good puppy. Yumm-yumm! Dee-licious!

Okay, I'm kidding. I don't know how the damn insect got in. By the time I found him, Baby had downed a whopping 5 ounces of water. He probably went, "Hmm, water tastes good today. I think I'll have some more."

That was a month ago. I didn't dare blog it in case Mae found out I accidentally fed Baby cockroach. She tends to freak out at these things. Mae is as sanitised as they get. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing like bugs in our food to help us grow better. Back when I was a kid, I ate ants, flies, worms and probably even a gecko or two. And look at me today - tall, dark and handsome. Hah! Okay, I'm just dark but like my dad says, one out of three ain't bad!

Anyway, Jesse's growing up well. Two months old and tough as nails. Just like daddy. So what about cockroaches? Feh! We eat cockroaches for breakfast!

As long as they're not the flying kind. :)


  1. Yeah.. the flying kind freaks ppl out man!
    You trying to make Jesse immune to cockroaches by feeding him roach juice?
    Man, experiments on babies... this is a first! You sure they won't send some "Thugs" to threaten you as they did in the car repossession "incident" a couple of months ago?
    Have a blessed week ahead dude! Lord Bless

  2. heheh, fried cockroaches next? :P

  3. oh my, it's been a while since i stopped by here. and im very the shock-ked by that roach in the bottle. but i must say that it looks more like a baby grasshopper which is wanting to have SIRIM standards *points to the MS marking*
    anyway just don't tell mae about it or she'll sanitize you with every dettol and lysol around. or in worst case scenarios.....she'll take ridsect.

  4. eeekkkk!! i hate flying cockroaches, i can't beat or squish them.

  5. If I were Mae, I would of strangled you and if you survived, I would have force fed you some cockroaches or 'cicak's. :)

  6. a reader of your blogNovember 9, 2004 at 1:36 AM

    hahahahha...what a good shot !
    that was baby Jesse first taste of 'cocktail' !

  7. eeeeee.... james! its a COCKROACH lah! tiny one but still!! well mae's bound to find out now... but since jesse doesn't seem to be bothered by it, i guess you're off the hook?

  8. hahahha im realli wondering wat Mae is gonna do to u!!

  9. urrghhhh... never trust daddies to feed babies! hahaha...

  10. ahem. may i recommend you a dose of deep fried grasshoppers. crispy on the outside, crunchy on the inside. a tad salty but never the less a wonderful culinary exprience :P

  11. Wah, can you be anymore Chinese?! :lol:

  12. Well... when baby jesse grows up and becomes a pain.... during teenagehood years(hopefully not) then you can blackmail him with the coackroach story... wahahahahaha *evil grin

  13. A friend of mine had such a tiny one flying into his ear. Thought it was an ant. But after two doctor visits at night and a forced extraction, verdict; cockroach. Moral of story, cockroach are scary! :)

  14. How comforting to be amongst fellow cockroach haters and scaredy cats!
    James, I'm all for your theory re bugs and strong babies. Any advice on how to convert the missus?

  15. true. once in a while, if you accidentally ate (or not accidentally!) some bugs, it's ok. nourishment and vitamins for you. :)
    the flying cockroach is my biggest fear. so geli lah, all he hairy legs, feelers.

  16. fu-wo...starting early on fear factor, eh? Man, wonder what Mae's reaction will be when she finds out.. *grin*

  17. Hey cool! I think I ate quite a few growing up too. Sure beats DHA! :lol:

  18. ooo cockroaches... if u take the roaches our of the cockroaches, what do you get. sorry, in an extremely bored mode in the office. here's my little take on cockroaches. they are squishy and they ain't pretty. but seeing the pic you have up, it looks different. those are the minor ones that i have probably swallowed in my food without knowing. yea i am hungry. feed me.

  19. Paulos, it's true. Mae has a few Klang Gangsters at her disposal, or so she says.
    Only when Baby's on semi-solid, Leokoo. :lol:
    Yeah Leo, all our roaches meet the most stringent Malaysian standards.
    Eeeekkk!!! That how we men sound like in the face of those flying critters, pickyin. :lol:
    Stop giving Mae ideas, Najwa. :)
    Hahhaha, cocktail indeed, Reader!
    I fully expect Baby to help himself when he starts crawling and foraging for food, CC! :lol:
    Nothing of course, Andrea. *ahem* Never underestimate the power of love. Hehheheh!
    If I remember correctly, Mae was the one who boiled that kettle of water. Though she probably remembers otherwise, BabeKL!! :lol:
    I hear they're just like crunchy veggies, Olivia! :)
    The water or the cockroach, Mdmafia?
    Hmm, I'm not getting the concept Alvink. I thought he'd be using the story to give me guilt trips! :)
    Euwww, sick, Kervin!!! Now you got me worried.
    Convincing the missus is an uphill battle, Reg. Reader! Women tend to get all flustered with dirty stuff despite the fact that they too once ate bugs, dirt and even their own booger! :lol:
    Sure Lucia, bugs are the best source of protein and calsium next to milk! :lol:
    :lol: Chun, we're gonna start him on innards soon!
    Exactly, Fly. All those bugs and we're still doing okay, eh? :lol:

  20. Kev, Cockroaches are called thus because a cockroach can be a real prick sometimes. :lol:

  21. heyyyy..don't worry... I had a friend who's babysitter fed her baby, rice..with the weevils still inside!!!!!!!!! Don't play play...!! I think it toughens up the stomach lining... after all, that's why malaysian stomach sooo strong...after drinking all the drinks and eating all the foods in the mamak!!!!!!!!!!
    btw..i'm also a mom...and shhhh..i let my kid suck his fingers after he's wiped them all over the floor....hahahahahahahahahah..HEY..he's still alive what!

  22. *Double-hand salute* to Suzeeekins
    Are you free to chat with my wife?
    Like your take on prickroaches, james

  23. last nite i forgot to stow away the baby bottles before i turned in (heck, it was already 2am). this morning, wifey black face - say cockroaches has run all over the bottles. :o(

  24. james, you dirty minded daddy too. ;)

  25. Oh my God! A cockroach was swimming in your baby's bottle... aaAArrgghhHH!!!

  26. omg grossssssssss.... did mae find out??

  27. my goodness! roaches are like the dirtiest pest in the world!! and you... aiyo, i dunno wat to say lar :P

  28. Aiiks!
    Thank God Baby wasn't sick on the cockroach! ;)
    Perhaps, he was born with an 'inner fondness' for roaches.

  29. :lol: Suzeekins, you're my kinda mom!
    Reg. Reader, we'll gather all the moms we know and charge them for a seminar presented by Suzeekins! :lol:
    Yah, Buaya, shit happens at 2 am!
    Kev, :p
    He didn't mind it one bit, RaZZie! :)
    Well, she did see the cockroach in the bottle, D_ikeika. I just didn't tell her Baby drank from it. But I guess she knows now.
    :lol: And it didn't hurt Baby one bit, Snoflek. Thank God!
    Inner fondness for roaches, Deb? That's a new one. :)