Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Rockin' & Rollin'

we're on a roll

Last Friday, little Jesse turned 3 months old.

The three-month marker is an important milestone in a baby's life. During this time, he is expected to roll over unassisted. Even the Chinese have a little saying for this: "Saam Phook Lok Chor" which is literally, Three Roll Six Sit. That means, in three months a baby rolls over and in six, he sits up. The Chinese have a saying for everything!

So there he is, 3-months old and right on the dot like a good little boy, Jesse rolled over on his own for the first time. All this while, he's been trying but he'd gotten stuck halfway. We usually just give him a nudge to help him on his way. But on Friday, he did it on his own

Mae and I had just come home from work and we laid him down in the middle of the bed. He was wailing his head off since he doesn't quite like lying on his back. He was kicking and screaming and threshing about when suddenly, *plop* - he landed on his belly. Then he stopped crying. And like the silly people that we were, we began cheering and clapping.

Poor kid was dumbfounded. Hahhah! Like Dr. Evil says, "Why must I be surrounded by i-di-ots?"

Just a little roll and what a big deal that turned out to be. It's such a refreshing experience being parents. Everything is a big deal. :)


  1. wait till he starts standing up and walking and grabbing avthing in sight :lol:
    "ooooo... look! there's the remote control!"

  2. Yeah - and you will then begin to bring everything that you own to higher levels. The books, the TV, the stereo, everything. But take it easy - That's fun since you lose a lot of weight running after your kid - dont touch this, no, dun throw that. Now he looks around to see, what is in the surrounding and what he can get in about 2 years time. Hehe.

  3. Cute...but when he gets walking...*kekekekek*...that time, we'll see whether he's still cute or not. ;)

  4. first comes rollin, then comes, sitting, standing and when he starts to walk..it'll be damn funny.... like orang mabuk!!!!!!!!
    but then the running starts.... sigh...it's sayonara everybody...i'm gonna make it hard for u guys to catch me...!!!!!! (followed by the most mischievious laugh)

  5. Congrats on yet another milestone reached.

  6. Wow must be nice to observe every miletone he makes, next you'll be making funny noises in a bid to get him to talk and then later assist him to walk, before you know it, he'll be asking for the keys to your car for a drive:)

  7. hahahaha! Buaya69 found guilty on the cheering aspect too. ;)

  8. *BEAM*
    kewl to see YET another milestone reached ;) hmmm... i wonder what little Jesse will think when he sees his whole life charted out on this blog-with all the comments from the uncles-aunties.. ;)

  9. it's really different with the second child, really. just wait and see! :P

  10. Jesse is so cute!!
    Soon you'll be cheering and clapping when he starts to crawl !!

  11. how great to be a baby. everybody makes a great deal about everything you do - even your poop. *sigh* tell jesse it's all the way downhill from the womb. :lol:

  12. well its time for both u and mae not to leave your eyes off jesse even for a second!!! they can be darn fast!!!!

  13. oh well, i didnt realised when was baby Amir's first rollover. But being a 5mths old, of course he could do that anytime. Can hardly wait when he reaches 6mths in end of December! I

  14. Everything DOES become a big deal. The first roll, the first crawl, the first tooth, the first day of solid food, the first allowance, the first tantrum, the first date, the first mohawk, the first tougue piercing. Heh heh..

  15. aww, he's so cute. With his new found skill in rolling, do tell us when he starts banging the floor making the "Rocking" noise.. then we have a
    Rock & Roll Baby !!
    and when he does tell me, i'll be his agent.

  16. Idiots? Hahahhaha.
    It is good to see a baby roll for the first time. When Sasha did that, all of us did the same thing - clapping and cheering. and Yes - we did look like a bunch of idiots.. and she is not even my kid.

  17. I guess James, you've forgotten about the 100 day thingo? ;) (since it is already 3 months ~ 90 days) *giggle*

  18. Hmm, looks like Jesse's gonna be be fighting daddy for the remote, Oli!
    So, that's what it is Andreas. He's been looking around a lot lately. :)
    :lol: We'll see, Mei!
    Mom, that reminds me that I need to get in shape. *sigh*
    Thanks, Justme.
    Hahh, I remember the time I asked for the car keys, Kervin! I'll make it hard for him. Hehhehh!
    Comes with the territory of being Daddy eh, Buaya? :)
    Chun, hopefully he'll enjoy it. :)
    Ok Grace, you poor thing you... come, come, Uncle James sayang! :lol:
    I can't wait, Cherry!
    Unless he starts a blog and writes about his love life, eh Fly? :lol:
    Oh yeah, BabeKL. Thanks for the tip.
    Oh, it December already. Congrats to both you and Amir, Hazel! :)
    You're talking to a daddy who's done it all, Annu! :lol: It's gonna take a lot more to faze me.
    Okay, Leo. :)
    Hehheh, kids do that to us don't they, Gina!
    *piak* Paulos for remembering! :lol:

  19. When he starts sitting up, he will look real adorable tumbling here and there but your hearts will skip many beats; oh and when he starts to 'toddle' in the special way that only toddlers can, you will be speechless with joy at your "creation" and want to make more babies. Go tell that to wifey to end that 100 day pantang lah! lol

  20. Make more eh? My wife will kill me if I knock her up again so soon, Mumsgather. :lol: