Friday, November 5, 2004

Smile Therapy

no teeth, just personality

Baby Jesse is 2 months and 9 days old. And this is what has to say:
"All the diapering, feeding, kissing, and cuddling you've been doing for the last two months will be rewarded now with a real beaming baby smile — and when you see it, you'll know the meaning of pure joy! Her past smiles were probably involuntary or the result of passing gas. These are the true "I'm happy" signs."
Even on my shittiest day (like this long, loooong day), I always have something to look forward to when I get home. Beats any therapy.

A baby is a great thing to have. Everyone should have one at home. :)

Next up: How to Make a Baby in 12 Easy Steps!


  1. everyone should have one at home?? *ponders* right now i prefer having fuzzballs :P ahahahahaha

  2. 12 steps? I thought it only took....
    Err, never mind. ;)
    Anyway, it seems all I do nowadays is put a link up here, heheh:
    Here's one that I'm sure you'll enjoy reading -
    Cheers dude! And happy 2 months and 9 days to Jesse - and remember little fella, support Liverpool!

  3. great tagline :) such a sweetie!!!!

  4. so adoreable your baby. everyone should have one at home.who want to have one with me at home?hehe.

  5. cutenya! wonder if I'll have one as comel ahem, looking foward to your guideline;) True that particular face melts away all the burden of the day.

  6. whoa, jesse is really growing pretty fast! great!!! in no time he'll be running around and whining like my boiboi hahaha :p

  7. a reader of your blogNovember 5, 2004 at 5:11 PM

    truly a gift from heaven !

  8. very very cute indeed. and very lovely baby.
    everyone should have one? well everyone should get a partner first before a baby can come along. :)

  9. awww!!!! so warmnye the feeling:)
    =) since Baby Jesse can smile already, isn't it time to make another Baby? Hahahaha..all the best!

  10. yea... since its in 12 easy steps.. papa must give baby a little brother or sister to bully >=)

  11. u've got a cute dude over there. ;-)

  12. Soooorrrrrrrrrrr.....sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt! *e-pinches those cheeks* :) ;)

  13. awwww... would you look at that face! cute little tot you got there james. eveyone should have one at home eh? *ahem* get busy ppl! ;)

  14. *gushes* Very adorable!!!
    Hmmm... baby at home. MMMMM first let's get me a BF 1st. ;)

  15. He's getting "handsome-r" eh? ;)

  16. He's getting cuter and cuter by the day!
    You are not serious about the 12-steps thingy, are ya??

  17. Gosh ... makes me wanna order a Stepford baby. :lol:

  18. 12 steps? I thought it needed only one: "Deposit sperm". MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!
    He's changed so much from the time Jotay, Ariel & me went to see him! Much more definied features and so awake!! I wanna come visit!! :D

  19. big boy. :) he's so cute.
    i wish i have something to look forward to when i get home. :(

  20. Thanks Norzu. We prayed for big eyes. :lol:
    It's fun-er in 12 steps, Sashi. *ahaks*
    Ah, then you ought to be fairly familiar, Olivia. You've got the puke, piss and shit with the fuzzballs. :)
    Thanks Ju.
    :lol: Bruce. Keep trying. Who knows you might get lucky!
    They don't call them "bundle of joy" for nothing, Kervin! :)
    Running & whining eh, BabeKL. *sigh*
    Truly, Reader!
    Indeedy, Lucia. You won't wanna have one alone!
    Another one, Jolene? Not for a couple of years.
    Easier said than done, Natasha. Hehheh!
    Thanks, Ywen!
    "e-pinches"? :lol: Mei!
    Yes folks, listen to CC. :)
    Yes Angeline, start looking now! :)
    I hope so, Mandy!
    :lol: Coolgal! I'm sure I was just kidding.
    A Stepford baby? Are those any good, Fly? :lol:
    Hahhah, that's oversimplifying it, Irene. And yes, you're welcome to visit!
    Kev, I used to look forward to coming home to my DVDs! :lol:

  21. not even 2 years old and already a heartbreaker!
    so kiuuuut :)