Thursday, January 20, 2005

Typical Male

The way I see it, there are two kinds of guys. There are the Clarkkents and there are the Supermen.

The Clarkkents are the guys who drink fine wine, eat Caviar, smoke Cuban cigars, recite Dylan Thomas and read Shakespeare. These are the guys who colour-coordinate their wardrobe, dance the Tango, buy roses and deliver them a stalk at a time between their teeth. These are the guys who remember birthdays, anniversaries, first dates and the first time they saw you smile. These guys are a sparkling gems.

On the other extreme are the Supermen. We're the ones who drink beer (non-alcoholic ones too!), eat pizza, quote Schwarzenegger (I'm By-ack!) and read the Motor Trader. We're the ones who can't tell the difference between an Armani and our cheap polyester suits. Some of us don't even have a suit. And the only dance we do is the victory jig. But hey, we're the Kings of DIY. We do our own plumbing. Unfortunately, we're not the guys who remember special dates.

Which is why the 1st Anniversary of Loopy Meals came and went just like that. Heh! I would have liked to have a little celebration, maybe break out the champagne and perhaps even remodel the look of the blog. But I completely forgot! Oh well. I guess I am, after all a typical male.

So yes, the Supermen are no sparkling gems. But you know what the say; better an uncut diamond than a polished glass. :)


  1. Have met and dated too many charcoals, so now don't mind switching to polished glass :-)

  2. Happy 1st anniversary, James!

  3. well, at least you remember it now. :)
    when was the exact date of the birth of this blog of yours, james?
    congrats to you for living through the blogging life for one year. may we see more years to come... until jesse becomes an adult... or until papa james is too old to blog. ;)

  4. The problem is Clarkkents turn into Supermen. so either way, you end up with what you call a beer guzzling, crotch scratching typical male. ;)

  5. i'm glad i am a buaya ;) happy blog birthday Bro James!

  6. Celebrating one year of Loopy Meals. Wondering whats on the menu to come XD

  7. Happy 1st Anniversary and a toast to many more. You know you coulc celebrate with another photo of cutey Jesse ;p

  8. Happy 1st! And I would very much prefer the Clarkkents! Hehee...
    By the way, I've decided to privatise my blog and have inserted the link here. Do check it out!
    God bless.

  9. hey james..:) happy birthday loopymeals!
    Superman is Clarkkkent and Clarkkent is Superman. So the typical male can be sweet if he wants to, and still have his macho streak what:) no problem!

  10. You know, I always thought that Clark Kents were neurotic, undersexed men who had no experience with women and were terrified of a great many things, which also included female intimacy.
    And I always thought Supermen were, you know, semi-psychotic, socially isolated but powerful outsiders, whose primary repetoire of social graces involved beating the stuffing out of the Bad Guys and… well that it.
    So, women are stuck with neurotic pantywaists or psychotic nimrods? No wonder the marriage rate is going down. ;)

  11. *burp*...ahhhhhh....
    keep on bloggin....... :-)

  12. Holy Red Underwear, Batman! I completely forgot it's been one year! Happy Anniversary, SuperDad!

  13. ahh, congratulations on your blog anniversary. It's amazing that you remember this. Hopefully you WILL remember your anniversary with mae :)

  14. Forgot this - Happy 1st Anniversary, James! Are we all getting Loopymeal's Special CKT to celebrate? Yum ;-P

  15. Great blog! Super observation. Happy 1st.

  16. my man's a superman! =) by golly, he even has a superman tattoo hehe

  17. Indeed, Supermans, Clark Kents and all...
    Great to see ya the other.. was my first time seeing Jesse, however I was on the run.. didn't get to fully introduce myself to him.. .
    You know what'd be cool.. if someday when Jesse's old enuff, he can continue to blog here.. or have family blog :)

  18. wah, one year oredi ah. congrats congrats

  19. :p did someone mentioned jame's CKT threat??? yum yum
    happy belated 1st anniversary to Loopy Meals!!! may all good things coming our way in your blog :)

  20. Thanks for all your wishes, folks!
    Anjali: The charcoals couldn't keep the fire burning? HehhHhehh...
    I started blogging on 16th Jan 2004, Lucia. Let's see if there'll be more anniversaries to come. :)
    Admit it, Fly, there's something charming about a man who scratches his crotch! :lol:
    It's drivel as usual, Kervin! :)
    Will do, Visithra.
    Yes, Deb. The Clarkents are so much more interesting, no? :lol:
    Jayelle, I believe you have stumbled upon the secret of happy relationships. Hahhah.
    T-Boy, we need the Wonderwomen to balance things out. Then marriages will be on the rise once again. :)
    Superdad, Sashi? I am not worthy. :P
    That's why I had it engraved onto my wedding ring, Leo! :)
    On his chest, Reta?
    Yah man, PaulOs. You just whisked off before my brain could register that you were there.
    Cross those fingers BabeKL, Anjali and maybe you'll get that CKT. :)

  21. Geez.. happy birthday Loopy Meals.

  22. wooo... tell me when?? i go kepong quite often :p cos its my HOMETOWN hehehe

  23. Awwww....Happy Birthday Loopy Meals - just about the happiest blog in town!

  24. nah the tattoo on his left arm..just like Jon Bon jovi's lol

  25. OooOoer! If I screw up your meal, all your fellow Kepongites will kick me out of Kepong!! :lol:
    Thanks Zsarina!!!! :lol:
    :lol: A big one on the chest would be a great laugh, Reta. Hehh!