Monday, January 31, 2005



Jesse is 5-months old now. We've just started him on semi-solids. We're feeding him a nice little rice cereal once a day and whaddya know, he's lovin' it!

Most people say that babies can start on semi-solids when they hit the 4-month mark. But these days nutritionists are saying that babies can afford to wait a little longer. Apparently, starting him on other foods can sometimes lead to allergies. Ugh! And this can lead to all kinds of complications. So despite having a strong urge to sneak him a sip of beer or coke behind Mommy's back, I'm gonna have to refrain. :)

Anyway, he's loving his cereal. Which is good. But he's loving it a little bit too much, which can get quite messy. Mae was feeding him when he suddenly grabbed the spoon to help himself. "You people are too slow!" he seemed to be saying as he licked furiously away at the spoon. So, as you can imagine, he's got cereal all over his face, hands, clothes and feet. Yes, feet!!! Hehheh!

That's my boy. Messy eater, just like Daddy.


  1. Wow. Jesse seems to be a natural in front of the camera too. Look at him smiling away.

  2. the little tot is smiling right at the cam!
    hey... where you waving your hands madly about n making all kinda faces to get his attention? i bet you were!

  3. awwwww** what a cutie face. i'm sure you wanna kiss it all the time. :-)

  4. Wah.. another milestone. It will only get messier....BTW, pop by my parenting site at and check out the tips. We even have recipes for babies! And time saving tips for dads and moms.

  5. time to bring out Weird Al Yankovic's "eat it!" single ;)

  6. more to come, more to come...this is just an appetiser for the mommy and daddy to taste kikhkikhkikhkikh...

  7. mien gawd !!, you giving him beer and/or coke ? wait coke as in coca-cola coke or coke better known as metamephatamine "ice" coke ?!
    Well at least he is eating the solids ^^. hopefully jesse doesn't grow up to be a slob like you james. :P (kidding !)

  8. He's such a natural charmer, isn't he? :)
    You should think about making him a baby-model.. with that adorable face and eating his cereal with gusto, Nestum etc would fight to have him be their little spokesman. Heheh..

  9. Wah,so cute!But y so little hair one?Is Jesse's head behind flat?If yes,baru pure hainanese leh.Congrats on the new milestone thou.Jesse,work on it and progress faster.;-) U are just so adorable.!

  10. Man, Jesse really is a spitting image of you! :)

  11. after all, i envy Jesse's eyebrow. Amir doesnt have much of it. Wonder when all the bulu will come out.

  12. I will reassert this fact.... Jesse is sooooooo cute. :p

  13. wah rice cereal also so happy kah? i can only imagine his first taste of ice-cream :-)

  14. Sneaking beer and coke huh. Tsk. Tsk. Fathers! My hubby has been talking about sneaking my baby some barbequed meat this Chinese New Year and baby hasn't even got teeth yet!

  15. woah...ur kid is growing up he wanna feed himself...hehehee.
    p.s i changed my site to Blogspot. Thanx for the link! =D

  16. HURRAY!!!!! Solid food!!!!!!!!!! Give him the experience of tasting food, feeling food, smearing food all over his face and body and of course, the best is THROWING FOOD!!!!!
    BUBBIES LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mummies don't...but don't worry... it won't last long. Only another couple of years!
    At least, it'll teach them hand-eye coordination...kee kee kee.

  17. Well Norzu, it's no accident. I always censor the "unnatural" ones. :lol:
    Not at all CC. For some reason, he finds it amusing whenever we shoot him. :)
    All the time, Kate!
    Thanks Lilian. You're the best!
    :lol: Knowing the song betrays your age, Buaya!
    I'm anxious and nervous about what's to come, Twinsmom!
    You're bad influence, Leo. *piak*
    :lol: That would be the dream, Maverix!
    You must be Hainanese to know that flat-head thing, Jason. :lol:
    Mdmafia: Handsomer, I hope. *ahaks*
    Not to worry, Hazel. Amir's good looks make up for his lack of bulu!
    Thanks Visithra!
    Good idea, Anjali. I'll sneak him some soon enough! :lol:
    :lol: Mumsgather. All daddies want their kids to be carnivores.
    Thanks 9. Will update soon enough!
    MOO+1: A couple of years? Oh noooo!!!!

  18. Wow, Jesse is a big boy now, eating solids already! All babies are messy eaters. Seeing how wrapped up he is makes me laugh out loud!
    Emily will be four months old soon. I plan to start her on solids soon but part of me wants to wait a little longer so that she can get more breastmilk. Decisions, decisions!

  19. Flat head means hainanese? Meaning less space to store brains? hahahaha.

  20. Aww man...Jesse is so adorable!!
    Go ahead and sneak that coke lah...its ok bro in law does that to my nephew and he loves it!!!

  21. He's so cute! He looks like one of those adorable little puppies that are just so helpless and goofy and floppy that you just HAVE to sayang them. Babies smell so good.

  22. So cute!! Feel like pinching his cheeks!!

  23. Yo!He is so cute and natural in front of the camera!I am not sure how old only a baby can eat porridge.We used to eat the vegetable porridge...super lam bek bek one..but taste nice!Hehe...:P

  24. :lol: Ariel, after the first couple of times of cereal, we decided to keep Jesse well protected.
    Less is more, Gina. Hehh!
    I suspect that's true, Cherry. :)
    Thanks Julie.
    For some strange reason, Jesse doesn't have too much of a smell Saffron. Most of the time he's just neutral. :)
    He seems to pose for pictures, Eileen. It's weird. :)
    Porridge will have to wait till he's 6 months old, Mugmug! :)

  25. Awwww so cute. Looks like he really likes the cereal.

  26. :lol: Lin, I think he just likes having stuff in his mouth.