Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Interview With A Vampire

I get a big kick out of watching Jesse grow. He's got a new thing going every day. Hehh! At 4 and a half month, there's plenty to see.

This morning, as we got ready to go to work, I put him in the car seat and carried him to the car. Since my car park is outside the apartment building, I had to cross this little road to get to my car. Which is fine, except that my stupid apartment never considered a shaded passage to the parking bays.

So there we were walking under the sun, when Jesse started writhing about like a little snake hot lava. His arms were flailing all over the place, his eyes tightly shut and his face all distoted! He was like a baby vampire boy about to burst into flames in the sunlight. I mean, we're talking about 10 seconds of sunlight and he looked like he would disintegrate. I swear the boy picked up all this melodrama from his mother.

But damn, it was so cute to see him like that! Heehee!

Maybe I should change his name to Lestat or Blade or something. Baby Blade. Hmmm... has a nice ring to it.


  1. Maybe baby just need baby shades leh...
    As for name change, maybe Waxy short for Wax Prince [aka Putera Lilin] ;-)

  2. i don't blame the kid. the sun has been CNY weather lately. it's that time of year.

  3. Wait till Mrs Loopy Meal aka mommy found out what you said about her. You kena stand under the sun baru tau.

  4. hmm baby skin are like so delicate and sensitive ... imagine ur own skin as carboards ... and the poor baby's as ... as blotters or those thin paper ...
    hmmm ....

  5. haha. i can just imagine how baby jesse looks like. wish i was there to see him... or are you exaggerating, james? :)

  6. A melodramatic little boy. Adorrrable!
    Give us a recent picture of this little prince, will yah! :)

  7. alamak... drama lah this... hehe... i think baby blade sounds kinda cute. but then again... we wouldn't want him growing up to be wesley snipes like now would we!

  8. Lestat? *jaw drop* hensem!
    why no picture of Jesse then? ish.

  9. haha! would love to see Mae "writhing about like a little snake hot lava" in your arms. :lol:

  10. hahahaha, baby jesse ....becoming a nocturnal creature ^^.
    just remember that when he becomes a teenager he WILL be nocturnal.

  11. ooooo lestat... heheh shudve snapped pics of the little fella to blackmail him with when he's a teenager muahahaha.

  12. Lestat is a cool name though man ! of course it would be very confusing for him later but the chicks would dig it

  13. Shades sound like a cool idea, Anjali! :)
    Yah, MOO+1! The weather is crazy these days.
    Wahahha Lillian. I haven't stood under the sun since my primary school days.
    Aw man, Earl. Now you made me feel guilty! :)
    Heheh! I know how outlandish my baby's behaviour is, Lucia but I assure you it's no exaggeration! :)
    Maverix, Hazel, Andrea: I'd give you a shot of Baby in the sun but the wife will kill me for torturing the boy. :lol:
    Anonymous: His mother loves Wesley Snipes so no problems there! Hahhaha!
    Fly: Euww! Hahhaha!
    For sure Leo, if he's anything like his daddy!
    :lol: Good point DB. Daddies get to round up the chicks for Baby!

  14. get shades for baby jesse. i tell ya, chick magnet ler ;)

  15. Hehee..Emily doesn't tolerate sun that well either. She always shuts her eyes tight whenever we are out in the sun.
    Does Baby Jesse like his car trips more now?

  16. Sure, Buaya. But knowing Jesse he'll probably take 'em off and stuff 'em in his mouth, thereby completely losing the "chick magnet" effect! :lol:
    Nah, Ariel, he still hates the car rides.