Monday, January 3, 2005

We Suck!

this sucks

Poor Jesse is having a bout of the flu and a little cough. Doc prescribed a mixture. "It'll make him sleepy," she said. And both Mae and I thanked the good doctor from the bottom of our hearts. A sleepy baby is never a bad thing. Hahhahh!

When we got home, we excitedly administered the drug with the help of a syringe. It wasn't exactly rocket science. Pump the contents into his mouth and he'll sleep like a... erm... baby. But then, Jesse had other ideas. He threshed about, screaming his lungs out. And the cough mixture came back out his nose. It was a mess. To make matter worse, his phlegm build-up was causing him great distress. Mucus was clogging up his nose!!!

We quickly took out our nasal aspirators, something we had bought for such an event. But it wasn't working - these things rarely do. Remembering a tip my colleague Pinky once shared, I told Mae,"We'll need to suck it out!" We both gave each other the "Euwww" look but we knew something had to be done. Baby was suffering. And so my wonderful wife rose to the occasion. "Slurrp!" Mae drew in a mouthful of Baby's snot. "Did you get it?" Her convoluted expression told me she did. I opened my palm and she spat the contents out into it. Euuww!!!! Vile!

But Baby was still threshing. Like his mother, he was a bit of a drama queen. It was distressing. I knew at once what had to be done. And I knew it wasn't fair that Mae was getting all the fun and so I jumped in for my mouthful. "SLUUURRRPPP!!!"

And there was peace throughout the land once again.

It was probably the most disgusting thing we ever did but the poor kid was suffering and we had already run out of options. In case you're wondering, it tasted a little salty. Hehhehh! I just pray that he never gets a constipation. Oh boy.


  1. Oh gosh, both of you really did that? Ewww... indeed. I had never done that with all my 5 kids. *hanging head in shame* All in the name of love, right?

  2. Constipation eh? That should be interesting heheh ;)

    Dude - you just put me off having children ever! :lol:

  4. Ha ha ha!
    When Jesse's old enough to read this .. man, will he ever flip. "Mom and Dad did WHAT!?!??!"
    or he'll go "Mom and Dad you're the coolest!!"
    The sucking thing reminds me of the movie "City Slickers" where the guy who was gonna take a poop accidentally sat on a cactus and thought it was a rattler. So Billy Crystal reluctantly decided to suck the venom out of his butt.
    In response "Man, I love you man, you were gonna suck my butt!! "
    go watch that movie.. ;)

  5. divine bovine !!, james.....uncle james, from the cheerleaders of and mae became the sucker of snot !!!. damn man.
    i suggest that you get syringe, attached with a small hose, about 2mm in diameter...stick it up jesse's nose but not too deep and use it to suck the snort.
    *raises his hands up* ALL HAIL ....James and Mae THE SUCKERs OF SNOT !!

  6. Ewww, and I read this after lunch!!! Brave guys, that is what you are. In the name of love. May be that is what Bono of U2 really meant??
    Lucky, I didnt know (and neither does my wife) that this is or was an option. We just put the medicine into my kid's mouth and tried to stuff back, what comes out, when he spat. It worked. He is still healthy and survived all our "torture"

  7. Wow, I don't know what to say... but BRAVO! BRAVO!

  8. phew... thank goodness i dun hv to do dat for my boiboi :p
    hope jesse is better now.

  9. Gives new meaning to having "Cendol".
    I just wonder why none of you thought of blowing the "cendol" thing in! Maybe thats why I am not a parent yet...

  10. Haha. Love is... thicker than mucus. Love is..... saltier than snot. Poor baby must be wondering what mummy and daddy is up to. "Help! Help! Mummy is eating my nose. Oh no, no, no, here comes daddy now ......"

  11. clap, clap, bravo, bravo. You make me proud. :lol:

  12. Wow...I'm impressed and so proud of both of you!! For the love of Jesse..... :)

  13. The next time it happens, how about you and Mae snotting from each nostril, reenacting infamous the Lady and the Tramp scene? Bwahahah...
    I think I just successfully gross myself out!

  14. After so many years of taking care of kids - my cousins sisters, brothers, and now the two monsters, I've never done this .. EVER.
    Maybe Pinky is just pulling your leg. Good for you it works. Don't get overexcited and start sucking too hard. You will never know what else would come out. Hahhahaha.

  15. Yikes, I've never heard of such a procedure! Pretty gross but that's what love's all about - slurping up the good, the bad and the ugly.

  16. OMG
    nice to see baby getting all that love. you two rule! :)

  17. good job!!!! clap clap clap.
    the things parents do to keep their bubs from suffering. sigh. and when they grow all up... they'll continue making us suffer. sigh.

  18. Just had my lunch and now I feel like throwing up.. Yuck!

  19. and then James went "buuuurrrrppp..... " :lol:
    fuiyouh, parental love knows no bounds ;)

  20. wow, i've never heard of such a thing. well done!

  21. Lillian, be glad that you have never had to. :)
    :lol: You wish, Janus. We're gonna just restrict our love to mucus and phlegm!
    Well, you know how it is Sashi. The "Making Of" is usually more intriguing than the actual movie!
    :lol: Yes, Paulos, City Slickers is one of my favourite movies and I do remember that scene!
    Nope, Leo, the syringe will not have enough suction unless we can attach some sort of air-tight suction cup at the hose end. :)
    :lol: Andreas, I'm sure Bono didn't quite have this scenario in his mind when he wrote that song!
    Thanks Madder. *takes a bow*
    Yes Babe KL, he is better now.
    Hahhah, blow it back inside eh, Joshua... now why didn't we think of that!!??
    :lol: Yes Mumsgather, this will give him nightmares for years to come.
    Aww, Fly...
    Thanks Cherry.
    That spaghetti incident, Anjali? Euww.
    Nah Gina, Pinky didn't actually do it herself - her maid did it. Which is why Pinky loves her maid so much.
    Coolgal, my grandma used to do icky stuff. I'm sure she would have done this. :)
    Yes, ItchyMicchi, we're the rulers of snot and other infant excretions. :lol:
    MOO+1, perhaps one day when we grow old they'll return the favour. Hahhaha!
    Yes Olivia, we deal with barf too! :)
    Sorry CupcakeQ, but as they say, better out than in!! :lol:
    No Buaya, I no swallow. HEhheh!
    Well Adriene, it'll really just to help him expell the stuff since he doesn't quite know how to blow his nose. :)

  22. Parent's TLC...amazing

  23. Eeww....!!
    ha ha I hope I never have to do that...:lol:
    thinking about it, I thnk constipation is better. :)

  24. Every single day in Baby Jesse's life i learn about new things the parents do in times of need and i can't help thinking to myself..... That's SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Daddy better hide this blog from the world.... after baby Jesse's grown... i magine if he ever becomes a star, a celebrity, or maybe even the future prime minister.... won't the paparazzi's have a ball....
    but then again..... I just have a vivid imagination....*wink

  25. Jason, hopefully Parent's TLC will result in Children's TLC. :lol:
    Papi, you want to suck shit? Hahhahah!!
    Parenting is a dirty job but someone's gotta do it, Alvink.
    Thanks Anon.