Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Taunt & Tease

"Honey, your son hates it when I taunt him about crying," I told Mae last Friday as we stood in the lift on the way up to our apartment. Jesse had been crying in the car all the way home.

"No way," Mae didn't believe me. "He's too young to understand you." Jesse, meanwhile, was looking all forlorn and melancholic in his mother's arms. He was in the perfect frame-of-mind for a demonstration. And so I looked into the little boys eyes. Then I pulled my face into a frown in an exaggerated impersonation of his earlier tirade. "Waaauughhh..." I cried mockingly at him.

Then he burst into tears and buried his sad little face in his mother's neck.

"Oh my goodness," Mae was surprised at her little boy's grasps of things. She proceeded to calm him down. "Do it again, do it again," the evil mother urged her husband. And so I proceeded to demonstrate my theory once again.

Again Jesse bawled his eyes out. I had hurt his feelings. And then suddenly, I felt bad. The poor kid was like my plaything. My science experiment. "Aaallright boy, Daddy was only joking," I stroked his little head, "Don't be upset okay, Daddy's sorry."

And then the most amazing thing happened. He turned away from me. I was flabbergasted! I went to Mae's other side and tried to comfort him once again. And again he turned his head away. After 3 or 4 tries, he buried his face in Mae chest. Mae and I were dumbfounded. The boy was boycotting me!!!

I had hurt his feelings and now he was hurting me back. And it took me quite awhile to coax him out of it. Heh! Thankfully, he's okay now. We're friends again. :) That is, until the next time I decide to behave like an ass.


  1. Hahaha...little children have good memories, but they are very forgiving, especially if they are having fun with you.

  2. Think all those phlegm sucking has finally taken its toll :-)

  3. aaahh...that's a good point indeed iblogme. you'd be surprised at how "smart" kids these days are. well, i guess it's smart as a result such wonderful parents ;)
    Cheers!!! :D

  4. serves u right for being a bad guy..haha

  5. Don't you find it amazing a little kid as young as 5 months can merajuk? Wah Lau Yeh.

  6. jesse merajuking oredi huh :P "Waaaauuuggghhhh!!!!"

  7. I think you felt more hurt than he did! Haha.

  8. That's the fun part about little kids. You hurt them they hurt you back harder...:) Have fun with Jesse while you have the opportunity!

  9. *sigh* times like these, i don't know which is the kid. :lol:

  10. This reminds me of my dog, Sherry. When she gave birth to 4 puppies, my mom would mockingly say she wants to cook those puppies and Sherry would reply with a bark and growl. :lol:

  11. well, i got that kind of look these days. since i'm the one who have to give him those medicines. sabar je la. he was like "ibu kejam! bagi ubat tak sedap kat Amir.."
    now, I can read my son's mind. hehe.

  12. hahaha! now you know eh? the trick is to smile big big, make baby sounds and then play with them. at least, it works all the time when baby sueanne gets irritated with daddy Buaya69 :lol:

  13. hahahaha, james james... your own son has even boycotted you. If i ever become a dad, im taking loopymeals as my guide on "How not to be a bad dad"

  14. The Best Pouters & Merajukers are babies... But they're wayyyyy easier to pujuk than their mommies :)

  15. *smile* ain't that cool? That they can read our emotions ;) seelah! bully baby summore...

  16. i tell u hor babies r darn smart these days!!!

  17. Hehhe..so cute :P Reminds me of the time when I screamed at my nephew who was about 6 months old then..."NO LUCAS!! I SAID NO!!!" And he cried and cried....then I tried to make up...he shunned me the whole day..Thankfully, I think babies' memory only last less than 24 hours..so we became friends again. I never shouted at him after that... :P

  18. Iblogme: Yup, thank God there's always THAT to fall back on. :)
    It's gotta be, Anjali. Kinda like Pavlov's dog. :lol:
    Hyelbaine, I just hope Jesse thinks we're wonderful. Hahhahahha!
    Yeah Jason, I had it coming.
    Can you imagine what he's gonna be like when he's 5, Gina? Oh man...
    Olivia, there'll never be a dull moment ever again...
    Hahahah, Mumsgather, you're SO right!!! :lol:
    Have fun hurting each other, Mel? Sounds kinky :lol:
    Fly: Who need siblings when Daddy is so much fun? Hahhahha.
    :lol: Knowing you, Mdmafia, if your mom did cook them, you'd probably have a feast.
    Ahah Hazel, so you been torturing poor Amir!
    Buaya got buaya charm mah! I have none. :)
    Don't you worry Leo, being bad comes naturally.
    :lol: Nothing could be more true Maverix!!!!
    Chun, he's bullying me now. :)
    Must be all that DHA, BabeKL.
    24 hrs, Cherry? I don't think I can last that long being shunned!!