Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Brought To You By The Letter "F"

All of my favourite things in the world begin with the alphabet F. Family, Films, Friends and Food. Okay, stop thinking about what other things I like that begin with the letter F.

As I typed that, I noticed that I placed Films before Friends. Hahahha. Yes, I guess I value my DVD collection over my friends. Friends die but DVDs will last forever. HAhahahah! I'm kidding. Really.

Anyway, I realised that I haven't blogged about food in ages now. It's like I haven't been eating since Jesse was born. One look at my gargantuan mass and you'll know this isn't true. But in a way, eating isn't the top priority these days. I hardly think about having my favourite Paan Mein or sneaking out for a good Char Kuey Teow, or bullying Mae into eating my favourite Chicken Rice.

That's gonna change. Heh.

Expect more blogs on food. And probably a couple of recipes too. That ought to be fun.


  1. F ...mmm such a tasty little letter. well i hope to see more Food pictures here, esspecially chicken rice ^^. do recommend me a good place.

  2. oops. i must be hungry. sorry i mean blog on food!!!

  3. and shopping at fcuk is also your favourite?
    food on blog? good! i love food. of course... coming from the land of good food in our country.

  4. HAHAHhahahHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA. Haven't been eating? Then, how do you explain the excess baggages? Gawd. I can't imagine what you would turn to if you ever start eating and then, blog about food.
    James, we need to go on a diet.. seriously.

  5. Yeah,tats what i like the best after post about Jesse...hmm..better still put up the address and excact location..next time go travelling can stop by..by the way..my hobby is to cari makan..haha

  6. yes, blog about food, yummy delicious food. gonna
    put you at the top of my links. hmm food. now excuse me, i gotta go on the treadmill. hmm food

  7. Looking fwd to the recipes! I did an award thingy on my blog btw (and you won one!).

  8. ooooooeerrrrrrrr.........
    will probably have to give your blogs a miss for a while. what with m.s and all..... sigh... i sure do miss paan mein..esp the chilli limey sauce...ooooooo gonna puke!

  9. I believe you missed Fried Food.
    For Fried Food Forces Frequent Farts.

  10. Hey James, What's happened to Lucky Stars Babyland? any idea?

  11. Ah Leo, you are a man of my own heart. Chicken rice is one of the finest food on the planet. :lol:
    Lucia, in Penang, I love your Roti Babi best!
    Gina, food and feast will fill my fat but words will never hurt me.
    Will do, Jason.
    Ugh. Treadmill, Alvin? *sigh*
    Thanks Rachel!!!! I'm honoured. :)
    :lol: Poor MOO+1. See you in...what...7 or 8 months? :)
    Abused: Fantastic Footnotes For Fatties. :lol:
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    47400 Petaling Jaya,Selangor
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  12. james : i know i know.... chicken rice is God's gift to the both of us...next to his son