Monday, December 19, 2005

Girly Boy

For some reason, we often get strangers who ask us if Jesse's a boy or a girl. This is mind-boggling to me.

As far as Mae and I are concerned, Jesse's got a pretty boyish face. Also, looking at the boy go, it's pretty obvious. Firstly, he's loud. He's always making some kind of noise or other. And he's always up and about, running around and touching stuff. He's also got pretty bushy eyebrows for a kid. So there's no way anyone could mistake him for a little girl. I mean, you're more likely to think he's a little monkey than a little girl.

And so we ask them why.

Apparently it's the hair. It's all soft and brownish, and it's never been cut. (Unless you count that time Mae's mom lobbed off a couple of centimeters but let's never ever talk about that again!) And while I know we should really consider bringing the boy to a barber, I've grown quite accustomed to his unruly locks. Makes him looks dangerous - like a vicious little teddy bear on a bad hair day.

However, to some people, that's exactly what little girls look like. Vicious little teddy bears on bad hair days. I thought only grown up girls look like that. Heh!


  1. ??? his hair looks quite boyish to me, he looks like a monkey boy to me.. hehehe... i think these ppl r either blind or blur.

  2. Haha. Yeah, first look knows Jesse is a boy, no need to take down his pants to verify pun. :P
    But then, real boys must have at least cut durian head or army head style at least once. :D

  3. oh, ppl said that? shocking!
    Jesse is so boyish, don't get bothered by other opinions!

  4. Yup, i have the same problem with Stewie. I just cut off a few cm from his fringe and sideburns too and it makes him look way better.

  5. heh... people ask me the same thing about my son for the first 12 months... until he started to emulate a monkey's lifestyle after that :P

  6. time to dress in blues and wear combat hat and boots! and throw in a plastic gun..... cheers!

  7. Hah?! Where got? He definitely looks like a boy to me!
    I get the same questions too for my second son. I guess its b'coz he is fairer than his bro and his hair is soft and fine like mine, unlike his bro. I guess I have to wait till he is older, when the monkey trait stands out, or rather, nowadays, girls are like that too, isn't it? :P

  8. But if ppl dunno how his name is spelled. . they'd also think he's a gal
    Jesse - guy
    Jessie - gal (short for Jessica)
    so how?
    but hey.. when kids are kids.. hard to tell difference.. unless they do the full monty.. ka ka ka

  9. At best he looks like a hippy lah, rite MOTT?
    Okay, Jason. Maybe the durianhead.
    :lol: Greenapple, people like to give them anyway.
    Stewie looks fine the way he is/was, Gwen!
    Hahhhah, Egghead. I guess I gotta train Jesse more often in the ways of the monkey.
    Ah JoeC, then they'd probably say, "Why is that little girl wearing army fatigues??"
    Yeah Geetha, these days both girls and boys are like monkeys.
    That does it, Paulos. From this day forth, the boy shall be buck-naked!

  10. But but he looks like a boy!! Hummmm don't cut the hair yet its so cute on him ;)

  11. Yeah, Visithra. We're going for that hobo look. :)

  12. or you can let him wear the "Penis" shirt ALL THE TIME.. even to church.. ha ha ha let's see how pastor reacts to that *grin*
    careful james.. you don't want a Tarzan on the loose..

  13. People are dumb.
    Stewie is out bedecked in blue from head to toe.
    And people still say "Awww she is so cute isn't she?!?"
    ... eh?