Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Missing You

Occasionally, Mae and I sneak out on Jesse to run errands and such. Of course I use the word "sneak" loosely, since we always make sure we tell him that we're going out, and assure him that we would come back. He seldom kicks up a fuss when we leave, but would usually do when we return - even if it's sometimes for show. We'd usually pick him up, hold him close and pat him on his back to console him.

Lately, however, he's been getting more and more attached.

Last week, Mae ran off to pick me up from the office while Jesse waited at home. When I opened the door the poor boy ran towards me, his arms apart and his sad little face about to burst into tears. And so I dropped everything, swooped down on him and hugged him close to me as he cried a little cry of relief to see me.

"It's okay," I assured him, "Daddy misses you too."

He looked at me as though he understood. He hugged me tightly, buried his face in my neck, and patted me on my back. And then I understood.

My son was consoling me. *sniff*


  1. seperation anxiety... I mean for you and Mae :)

  2. Awww, so sweet.
    He needs you to be with him...
    I understand, coz' my son does this too. And now, we can't go out anywhere without him. We miss him; He miss us.

  3. Separation anxiety... good luck and Happy New Year, Uncle James!

  4. Dammit, can't I go one day without going "Awwwwww" at your blog?
    I can't.
    Awwwwwwww..... :P

  5. My son's turning 4 in 2006 and my son is in the 'clingy' state too.
    Though receiving advise from experts, I have to discipline and be abit harsh to him in order for him to learn that I will always be there for him but he needs to be independant too.

  6. now i need consoling after readin tht entry * sniff sniff*

  7. This must be one of those melting moments that makes child rearing so worth while. You and Mae are blessed to have such a sweet kid :)

  8. "my son was consoling me."
    oh ok, you mean you missed him more than he missed you. :)

  9. how wonderful! good job on raising a beautiful caring boy, james!

  10. Bleh, lost at words to say something snide and sarcastic...

  11. sighhhhh my boiboi is more attached to his daddy. when his daddy is not in sight, he will repeatedly asking me where is daddy or simply chant daddy every 5 minutes or so!!!! arrrghhhhh... sometimes really drives me up the wall but then he always does it in a sad droppy eye way... :-(

  12. sounds like my cousin's little boy. although my dad says that kids panic when their parents do not tell them where they are going and how long they're gone (although they may not understand at that time). the only solution (so quototeth the father) is to tell them where you're going. it hits them about a year later. :p
    actually, jesse is alrite. my youngest cousin refused to leave her mother out of her sight until she turn 7. even kindergarden at 4 was a nitemare - had to leave her at the school where she used to cry for a few days. then it got better over time.

  13. Awwwwwwww...hehehe my mom also followed me to kindergarden. Wait till I blog about this.

  14. hey james, happy new year! another one ey. from when jesse was still in mae till now, consoling his daddy. thanks for sharing.
    u have a brilliant and blessed one ahead. may 2006 brings you more joy, love and success!

  15. Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

  16. Wishing you, Mae and Jesse a happy and peaceful new year

  17. Happy new year folks!
    Wah, Jason. Heh! :)
    Yes, Egghead. We'll learn to cope somehow. Hehh.
    Yeah Geetha, but just think, in 15 year's time he'll wish we'd leave him alone. :lol:
    Indeed, Silly Pat.
    Awwww... Sashi. :lol:
    Just like daddy, Gina.
    Thanks for that, P. Now I'll know what to expect for the next 4 years.
    There, there, Deepsy... :)
    I know, Coolcat. *sigh* Makes us wanna go out and have another one. Hehehh..
    I'm sure I did, Lucia.
    Ain't it ever, Laan!
    Don't praise us just yet, MOTT. We still have plenty of opportunity to screw up. :lol:
    So, that's why you're here, eh Rajan? *dush*
    Maybe when you go away, he asks that too Babe?
    Ok, that does it, Wena. I'm not gonna be sending the kid to kindy! :lol:
    Thanks Razzie!
    Just like daddy, Visithra. ;P
    Hahah, were you one of those who refused to let go, CheCheh?
    Thanks Inn! :)
    Happy new year to you guys!

  18. New to your blog, have been reading the backdated entries, what a journey eh?
    Wonder if I'll ever have that journey ahead of me.

  19. Welcome, Kit. I'm sure you will.