Thursday, December 15, 2005

Jesse's Girls

starting young

Here's a shot from our last trip up north. It's Jesse with his 2nd cousins, little Daniika and her little sister, Eireisha. I probably screwed up the spelling of their names. But that's what happens when people pick exotic names for their kids - nobody remembers how to spell it. Now James, on the other hand, is a name that is both easily spelt and pronounce. Except for my secondary school supervisor who used to call me "Jame" without the "s" in the end. *sigh*

It was Jesse's first meeting with the girls. In fact, it was also the first time Mae and I met Eireisha. Little Daniika, however, we first met when she was a mere 3 days old. She arrived almost 2 months ahead of schedule and was the tiniest baby I had ever held in my arms. Today, both she and Little Eireisha are playing big sisters to my kid.

Jesse, for some reason, was as well-behaved as can be expected. In fact, he was quite the ladies' man that day. Except for the bit where wehe was literally drooling all over the girls. But then again, which guy doesn't drool all over cute girls?


  1. did little Jesse inherit the "gentleman-in-front-of-ladies" from his father? :P

  2. "Except for the bit where we was literally drooling all over the girls"
    you too? paedo...

  3. wow.... wow.
    now...that's a real playa

  4. glad ure back james ;) missed ya entries .... hehehehe jesse is quite the gentle man hoor .... mst be all of mummy's teaching :D

  5. deepsy - mst be all of mummy's teaching :D
    hahaha...true true.

  6. Hahha, his daddy not as smooth as the son lah, Egghead!
    Ok KY, I changed it. Wise ass! :P
    Leo, his mother will kill me if he does become a playa!
    Daddy's genes are contaminated lah, Lilian.
    Hardy har, Deepsy. :lol:
    For as long as I can muster, Silly Pat! :)