Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ho Hum Dim Sum

just aiiight, y'know...

This is from our last trip up North. Would have blogged this sooner but work got in the way. :)

For some reason, people associate Ipoh with Dim Dum. So when we got to Ipoh, Mae and I decided that we would sample Ipoh's finest. But here is where our problems began. Anyone familiar with Ipoh would tell you to get your Dim Sum at Foh San Restaurant. In fact, the reputation of Foh San's Dim Sum is legendary making it an important landmark in Ipoh - an institution, if you will. And so even years back, we decided that we would one day eat at Foh San.

Enter Auntie Mooi. When Auntie Mooi came to us as a confinement lady, we often asked her about her Kampar and Ipoh, since she was from that region. We announced to her that we would make a trip to Ipoh just to go to Foh San. And that, perhaps, was our mistake to make.

"Nobody eats at Foh San anymore," Auntie Mooi declares, and then she added scoffingly, "unless you count labourers and contruction workers." (I swear she said that!) Apparently, according to Auntie Mooi anyway, people go to Foh San for the cheap prices and the large servings. "The good Dim Sum is at Yoke Fook Moon Restaurant." She went on to advise us to go early to beat the crowd. We listened to Auntie Mooi. With her gentle demeanour, sincere face and the fact that she was caring for our newborn baby, we bought her story.

And so, on Day 2 of our trip up North, we awoke at 6:00 am to sample Ipoh's finest Dim Sum. That's six bloody a.m.!! And was it worth it? Unfortunately not. Sorry folks, Yoke Fook Moon Restaurant is really nothing spectacular. Sure, the Dim Sum is fairly easy on the palate, the ingredients were pretty fresh and the presentation acceptable, but it was nothing to shout about. And definitely nothing worth waking up at 6 for! Don't get me wrong; it wasn't bad. It just wasn't great.
Mae and I kicked ourselves for not going to Foh San. Which goes to show that sometimes, just sometimes, you have to run with the crowd - especially where food is concerned. We took Auntie Mooi's word over hundreds of Ipoh folks and we regretted. *sigh*

Looks like we'll have to make another date with ol' Foh San!


  1. will try that out this weekend when I'm there :)

  2. I can't say that Foo San is the best, but it is how Ipoh dim sum should taste like. Foo San is the icon.. and original.

  3. Oh, if you want to try Foh San, there's a branch in SS2 though.

  4. They say there's another one - Ming Yuen also. I, too knew Foh San is the best. But, lately, rumours and a few mouth-to-mouth news stated that Ming Yuen is better.

  5. Have you tried Ming Court (behind Excelsior Hotel)? The restaurant is always jam-packed with customers to the brim (i.e. the entrance) during weekends and holidays.

  6. Ed knows Foh San's owner's son!! Probably can get discount for cheapo like me. Hah!

  7. i went to ipoh foh san a few sundays ago. it was utter madness! we had to wait around for like 10 minutes b4 we got a table, and waiting for the food trolley was even longer! people were actually waiting at the kitchen door to grab the food as they came out...
    btw the ss2 foh san is nothing compared to the ipoh one...
    i don't think they're even the same company...

  8. Lucky you .. james..!! so many choices..!! poor me.. anything will do lah.. :)

  9. Which one, Egghead? Foh San, rite?
    Yes, Jee. Icon. That's the word I was looking for. :)
    "Word-of-mouth", Jason. If I received any "mouth-to-mouth" news, my wife will slaughther me. :lol: BTW, I have tried Foh San in SS2 but that's just dinner.
    Hmm. Thanks for the recommendation, Pelf. I'll be sure to check it out.
    Oh, Gina? Then better bring me when you go. :)
    Hahahahah Simon! These Ipoh folks are crazy, I tell you. I was kinda suspecting the SS2 Foh San to be a pale shadow of the original.
    Aww, poor MamaBok. Can't you get any where you're at?