Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Aww Crap... It's X'Mas Again!

Whoever came out with the phrase, "it's the thought that counts" must surely be someone who gave shitty presents because, like it or not, it's never that. Truth is, nobody gives a rat's hairy ass about your thoughts. It's the GIFT that counts, Skippy!

How many times have you received a Christmas present and end up chucking it aside. Or worse, recycling it for the next innocent victim? Or worse yet, curse the cheapskate who gave it to you behind his back? "I gave you the best present in the world and you gave me this crap? You bastard!"

Today, Mae and I were at Borders when we bumped into my sis. "Don't you dare give me book for Christmas," she snarled. Tough. It was already picked out and paid for by the time she said it. Mae had already figured out what we would give her this year but I said, "No, she's my sister and I wanna handpick her present." Yup, I'm a regular Air-Supply-vannila-ice-cream-soda-pop-loving-sentimental schmuck on a tight budget.

Sure, a spike in the budget could result in a gift that's both thoughtful and tasteful but having to buy nearly 40 gifts a year, there's only so much we can do. And so my poor little siblings end up getting some cheap-ass presents from us which they probably hate, since I never seem to know what they like.

Fortunately, it all works out. Because none of my siblings know what we like too. The bastards. Heh.


  1. and again... is the thoughts that count... but is the gift that matters :P

  2. we had stop exchanging christmas gifts since 3 years ago (the time i started having a crib isntead of tree) as we feel it is meaningless. why do it just because everybody's doing it? why give presents to each other and not the birthday boy - jesus? we already give presents to our loved ones on their birthdays - that is good enough.
    ok better scram before someone point a holey-moley, self righteous finger at me. :)

  3. At least you only need to think of one present per person.. :) My in laws like buy 10 presents for each of us.. so can you imagine.. we gotta think of 10 presents to buy for them.. and my BIL.. and also our closest relative.. wow..!! pengshan.. ah..!!

  4. AIYO... MamaBok.. you got the pengsan package deal when u married PapaBok!!!!!!!
    Thankfully, with my zero income, nobody expects anything out of me.. but hv to cook up a storm..i.e., a scrumptious deeelicious mouth-watering storm.. !
    But that being said, I'd highly recommend "My sister's keeper" by Jodi Piccolt. Excellent read! Very hard to find tho!

  5. Yep. Really dislike getting presents that you clearly know are recycled...coz they carry famous brand names like HSBC, MAA, ING Insurance, Michelin, Horlicks, Darlie, Milo etc. The bloody cheapos hairy ass! Bah! Gah!

  6. Ah, we should have that printed on our foreheads, Egghead! :lol:
    :lol: Lucia, I was gonna point a holey moley finger at you but I think I'll save it for another post.
    Wait. Why 10, MamaBoK?
    I'd rather cook them a nice meal than buy 'em presents, MOTT!
    Hahhah, Anjali, though I'm sure you wouldn't mind receiving gifts with other famous brand names like Armani or Fendi, eh?

  7. Hey, cheap bastard! Guess what? I'm even cheaper. And I read your blog. And I haven't got your present yet. And I'm deciding whether I oughta. Cos I gave you a damn kau nice and spensive pair of almost new shoes that is your xmas and bday present for the next ten yrs or so!
    But I truly believe xmas pressies are for the kids. Cos kids aren't old and smart enough to figure out that celebrations like xmas and valentines were created by hallmark and mattel to sell more cards and toys. Viva le consumerism!!
    Let's start a brand new tradition of LOVE and UNDERSTANDING, at least within the family next year. Let's wish each other more LOVE and Sex. And UNDERSTAND that CNY's just around the bend. That's a double whammy for hard-working folk like you and me!!
    And we'll save the pressies for the lil uns. That way I'll be able to get Jesse a half decent present, not the ball bearings I picked up at my mechanic that I'll try to pass of as unbreakable, shiny marbles.
    Cos this centuries old tradition of GIVING sure is GIVING me a lot of pain.
    HO HO HO! That's the sound of the marketing guys at Hallmark/Mattel laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. hahahaha james yr brother is such a farnee guy BUT i love him ;-)

  9. Laant, I think we should just boycott Christmas altogether. Everybody take the stupid Christmas gift money and spend it on themselves. Everybody wins. Hahhah.
    No Babe, you're not supposed to love other people on my blog. :lol: