Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Daddy's Boy

August had been a particularly difficult month at work. Much like May, June and July had been. Close to how March and April had been. And pretty much the way January and February had been. And just when things are bad, there is always room for them to get worst.

So when Mae called a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't expecting much. Probably another errand she wanted me to run, I thought, mildly resentfully. (only mildly, mind you *ahem*)

"Honey," she was all excited, "your son just called you Daddy!"

"Aiks! But I wasn't even there,"
I said. As far as I was concerned, it doesn't really count if the boy doesn't understand that "Daddy" meant me. "But he does!!!" Mae protested.

Turns out that Jesse was monkeying around our bookshelf when he stumbled upon an old photo of him as a wee little baby lying on my chest. He showed it to Mommy and as he pointed me out, he said, "Daddy!"

It's taken a long while but yes, my boy's finally gotten it. "Daddy!" He's been saying it loud and proud, knowing consciously at last, that the word meant me.


he ain't ugly, he's my daddy


  1. Hurrayyy... *throws confetti* Finally, the daddy's proud moment.
    And now we know how Uncle James looks like. :D

  2. Yup...uncle James shure is ugly but still very cool daddy. Finally the little tyke says something 'you' all understand. :)

  3. what a proud day for u. congrats to u and mae!

  4. Awww... that picture melts my heart! It's such a daddy pose - I have one of Fische and Idris, only that both were asleep. Kudos for being awake for this photo. And congratulations on your proud Daddy moment!

  5. touching moments... and all it took was a photo :)

  6. sniff... so cute... jesse, i.e.
    but ..erm..what did he call you before 'daddy'?

  7. Weren't you relieved when you found out that he said that while holding your picture and not to the tv repairman or something? I'm not insinuating anything...
    Haha. Don't mind me...I'm stupid.

  8. awwww jesse called u daddy n i love that photo awwww sniff sniff

  9. Jason, please dun beat me up when you see me on the street. :lol:
    Buckets, Pickyin!
    Jeff: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder.
    Thanks Adriene.
    Thanks Najah, bet you could tell I was nodding off. It's those pesky midnight feeds, I tell you.
    Isn't he, Kat?
    Yeah Egghead. Makes me wanna go out and take more photos.
    *tissue* Sashi!
    Hahha... now that you mentioned it, MOTT, he didn't call me anything at all. But then he didn't really need to, I was there in his face most of the time.
    Hahahahahaha Fanboy you ass!!!! Damn, that was funny.
    Always, DM!
    Not the best shot of me Visithra, but it's the one that he seems to like. :)

  10. Awwww.....
    Eh, check out Tom Cruise and Suri pix, Vanity Fair photographer followed your pose woh :lol:
    Go sue for copyright.
    Watta Kleenex moment! ;)

  11. Wah... your eyes very "teng soon". Hahahah!

  12. a very heartwarming moment indeed. congrats, and hopefully it's daddy, daddy, and daddy always from now on.

  13. :lol: Anjali. My people will be contacting Tom's people.
    What in the world is teng soon, Gina?
    Hopefully, Greenapple.

  14. It's hokkien lah!!!
    Meaning, double eye lids.