Monday, September 18, 2006

The Rolls Royce of Chocolates

It's occurred to me that I haven't blogged about food in ages. You'd think I haven't been eating. That, of course, is a myth that would be savagely dispelled should you ever bump into me - all hulking 85kgs of me.

So food it is. And here's one of my favourite reasons for keeping fat!

If you've never eaten Royce Chocolates, then I'm afraid you haven't really eaten chocolates. Brought to you by the very same people that gave you an exciting World War II, Royce is Japanese. While the best chocolates are touted to be from Belgium or Vienna, Royce holds its own. After all, anyone responsible for the Walkman, Hayao Miyazaki, sashimi, cha soba, Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba and Ultraman Taro can surely give us good chocolates.

The first thing you'll notice when you're about to savour your Royce, is that the Japanese really know how to make a big deal out of their packaging You bring home your Royce in a padded foil pack and a cooling gel. This is so your chocolates do not melt on you.

Inside, your box of Royce comes with a little plastic spatula and a brochure that pretty much lets you know how incomplete you life is, since there are a host of Royce products you have never tasted - among them their Nutty Bar, Chocolate Coated Potato Chips, and more. Unfortunately it's in Japanese. All that genius in creating the perfect chocolate and they never think to translate their brochure. *sigh*

Finally, after unravelling endless layers of packaging - 5 in all - you get to the... erm... climactic end of your journey. Inside you'll find 20 pcs of 30mm x 20mm soft chocolate cubes, heavily dusted in cocoa powder. Soft! The damn things are soft despite being in the fridge for hours. Imagine that. OMG!!!!!!! Somebody kill me now cos I've run out!!!!! Arggghhhhhh!!!!

Please. Do yourself a favour now. Go down to Isetan in KLCC and buy yourself a box of Royce today. It's RM35 a box, but it's worth every cent. You will love yourself for it. Women will want to have your children. Men will leave their wives to be with you. It's THAT good. I promise.


  1. I am not a chocolate fan, and since its a recommendation from you, the RM35 better be good. Or else I am coming after you when I am in Kepong. :D

  2. hehe.....oh i tot few hundred dollars.....RM35 still time will try if im at klcc!

  3. looks pretty good. there's this chocolate shop near my apt here in Melbourne.. Koko Black. One small piece of choc can cost up to AU$6!! Never tasted though.. hehe. they always taste the same to me

  4. I love Royce Chocolates! although, the choices available to me are limited since I can only eat the milk chocolate ones (brown wrapper I think) as the rest have alcohol in them. Anyway, you should try the chocolate covered potato chips - really a mind-bending experience! heheh!
    If you can actually keep yourself from finishing it in one sitting (the Nama chocolates that is), you should check the expiry date. The chocolates are soft because they're made from FRESH CREAM, which means that they have a limited shelf life (2 weeks I think). Yes, fresh cream. Count the calories!

  5. this must be the weirdest looking chocolate I've ever seen... looks like half done with the cocoa powder yet to be melted... LOL!
    maybe will get a box... but then again... I might get addicted and get broke after :P

  6. I've not really known a man with a weakness of chocolate.. u sure u man ah? HA HA HA..kidding!

  7. I'm a guy so I'm not sure I want men leaving their wives to be with me...

    I bought dis for a gal before, she loved it.. but she didn't love me.. hmmphhh..
    and I bought it all the way from Singapore!!

  9. I love Royce and like Najah says the choc covered chips are very yummy - something abt the combo of salt and chocolate that goes well together.

  10. To everything, there is pros and cons.
    This is the biggest con when it comes to reading your blog - you are gonna make me FAT!!! aaaaaagggrrhhhh!

  11. i haven't heard of royce before. with such strong recommendation from you, i guess i'd better give it a try.

  12. absolutely agreed with you!!! i still have a box of individually packed choc rounds but its going fast. i also like leonidas @ midvalley but are they still there?

  13. Hey James, good to see ur foodie type posts are back! Whee... Royce looks dIvinE *eyes glaze over* Oh, babe_kl, Leonidas MidV is undergoing renov @ ze moment, so shud b back in action say next month, methinks =)

  14. Oooh looks heavenly! I thought it's the hard bar kind. Unfortunately it's not available here, imported stuff are hard to come by.

  15. It will change you, Jason. And if it doesn't you can always come to Kepong to give them to me. :lol:
    Do or do not, Fashionasia. There is no try. Hahahhh....
    AU$6?!!? That's gotta be good, Alex. It better be.
    Najah: To hell with calories, I always say!!! Now you got me damn curious about the chips. *sigh*
    Then get broke, Eggy. It's worth it.
    It's okay, MOTT. If I can have Royce, I don't mind being a woman! :lol:
    :lol: Think of what an ego trip it would be, Fanboy.
    No, no, no, no, no, Paulos!!! You're not supposed to give her the whole box. Just one at a time to keep her interested.
    That's it Boo! I'm gonna get me some.
    Then what are you waiting for, Oli?
    SOme things are worth getting fat for, Anjali.
    Taste even more fab, Bonnie!
    Trust me, Gina.
    You better, Lucia.
    I never did acquire a taste for Leonidas, Babe.
    Wow, Chun, it's like you're some kind of spokesperson for Leonidas, or something!!!
    Aww Lux... come to KL, I'll treat you to a cube of the stuff. Just one cube, tho!!! :)

  16. Good Lord, were you paid for this? hahahahah

  17. Alas, Royce Chocolates are not available here. After reading your description, I would love to try them.

  18. Oh my Gawd!Im going to dream bout the chocs tonite.Im in Sydney now so I dont know where to get some.Guess I have to salivate for the next 2 months till I get home.Then I will rush to KLCC and buy a box or 2.The things I do for choc.........

  19. i had a pc today... fwaaahhh!!!!! *runs to isetan to grab a box*

  20. Minishorts, for Royce, I'd accept payment in chocolates.
    Hurry, Annulla.
    Good for you Hana. Hurry back.
    What's pc, Oli? But yes, go grab a box!

  21. Royce chocolates, which I have bought in KL and again in Hong Kong last week are simply heavenly. When the Japanese decide to make a superlative product (Wagyu beef, Kirin beer, single malt whisky, real Matcha, premium soy sauce, umami sauce etc) they achieve near perfection! I am so sad my chocolates are over but you don't get them here in Europe, because the Japanese put perfection over money and do not ship it abroad as they can't guarantee the quality. If they can find a solution for that, as they did for durian packaging, all other chocolate factories will have to close down.
    BTW it was far more expensive than MYR35 in HK!