Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Week Long Celebration

Today is Mae's birthday.

Birthdays in our household last for a week or more. Hers started on Sunday when we had Japanese with her folks and siblings who just happened to be in town. Today, we had Thai for lunch. Tomorrow will be dinner somewhere else. Maybe a late-night supper in town too, who knows. :) On the weekend, we can have Paan Mein.

It's our thing. We stopped doing the present thing cos it stresses us out too much. Instead, we eat. It's the most wonderful thing in the world - stuffing our faces!

Tonight I'm thinking tartlets. Thirty-three of them. Yeah.


  1. Happy birthday, Auntie Mae!!!
    Uncle James, can I celebrate my birthday with you, for 1 whole week where we go eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat...?

  2. paan mein? drrrrrrooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll! Where? behind HSBC, KL? OUG?...these are the only two places I know with good paan mein! Kapten Krunch ikan bilis, kau-kau sambal chilli paste and song-song mein.
    OH! and happy birthday to mae! ;-)

  3. say happy birthday to mei for me will ya, james?
    yay yay ya! stuffing our face with food is the most wonderful thinn!


  5. this jason will surely get whallop by Mae lah... LOL!
    Happy Birthday to Mae!
    remember to save some food for me! :P

  6. Happy Birthday to Mae! Remember to watch that pouch James. Muahahaha.

  7. Happy Birthday to your missus, James.
    Your presents (the pie hole stuffing competition that is your birthday celebrations) are probably equivalent to a 1kg tin of Appeton Weight Gain. Not sure how much she'll love you for that AFTER the birthday fuss is over. And when she complains about it and asks you 'Honey, do I look fat in this?'... you're screwed.
    I know...I know...I'm an ass...haha...the mirror won't let me forget it.

  8. Happy Birthday, Mae! Speaking of tartlets, James, I found this absolutely kewte cupcakes place - check out =) no, I don't get a commission, just think they're gorgeous heheheh

  9. Happy birthday .. Mae!! and many, many happy returns of the day..!

  10. happy birthday Mae!
    psst... James, have you prepared any gift?

  11. Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. We have indeed been stuffing ourselves with food for almost a week, it has been great. Thanks again.

  12. happy belated burpday mae!!! happy eating and may i have one of those tartlets :p

  13. Aaah. I forgot. Mae and I share the same birthday! Smirk! :)

  14. all great people are born in september

  15. I was thinking the other day... yikes.. Mae's birthday.. on 17 or 27?? then I was too occupied to sms her even. Sorry about that!
    Happy belated birthday, Mae!

  16. Eee...I'm a Sept baby too. Mine's 3 days before Mae's. Happy burpday to us! *kanpei*

  17. celebrations that centre around food are the best kind -- i grew up like that too, many would say my waist line grew like that too. Heh! :) happy birthday to mae!

  18. Thanks for your birthday wishes. Made Mae finally come out and say something on this blog. :)
    Come, come, Jason! You pay.
    MOTT, the Paan Mein is the one in Chow Kit area. Babe's gone an posted about it. Go see.
    Indeed it is, Lucia.
    Ate some on your behalf, Eggy!
    A man without a pouch is not really a man, Mumsgather/
    Fanboy: *thwak!*
    Thanks for the link, Chun.
    DG, all that eating not gift enuff meh? :lol:
    Ate one on your behalf, Babe! :)
    Ah, Anjali. Happy birthday to you too.
    Husband, I take it you were born in September? :) The new wheels your own b'day present?
    Now you'll know why if she stops layan-ing you, Gina. :lol:
    Happy belated birthday Primrose.
    Happy birthday to your waistline, ANnu. :lol:

  19. the wheels more a necessity than a pressie. A pressie would be along the lines of your wheels or my fav automaker audi ( just typing it made me salivate! )
    the lady of the house needs to be mobile, 'specially with the two tikes in tow