Tuesday, September 5, 2006

No Emotional Scarring

I was going up to the apartment yesterday when I bumped into my neighbour. "He's quite something, that boy of yours," she tells me grinning from ear to ear. "Oh?" I looked at her quizzically, "Whatever do you mean?"

"Well, he's taking the lift on his own these days isn't he?"

Mrs. Chua had been playing with her young daughter at the lift lobby when she saw my little hero dart out of the lift on his own. It seems Jesse has become quite the legend in our apartment building since his little adventure. And I suppose it won't be too preposterous to assume that our neighbours must be thinking the worst of us. "What horrifyingly callous parents the poor boy must have. Let hunt them down and burn them at the stake!!"

In a feeble attempt to salvage our dwindling reputation, I sheepishly asked, "So he must have been crying his eyes out, then?"

"Actually, he was running around laughing his head off!"

It seems Mae had been grossly misinformed. Here I was, concerned about any emotional scarring the kid might have and there he was, the little snot, having the time of his life at his first taste of freedom. Maybe I should beat some sense into him. Hehehhh...


  1. maybe little Jesse was very happy to be freed from his "horrifyingly callous parents"... LOL!

  2. nah, just tell him "No more Bob the Builder for you!" bwahahaha! *evil*

  3. Hahahaa... Brave little boy, I like!

  4. hehehe running around laughing?? hehehe jesse must have been jumping freedom freedom ;p n then mae came ;p hehe

  5. *LOL* You're not callous for a little mistake like that... kids run around all the time!

    that's what they all love eh? that's until they get hungry, tired or hv no more clothes/money...then they come back home....opps..getting ahead of myself.

  7. What?! All that melodrama for nothing? That Little Shit!!

  8. At least he won't end up like Prof Langdon. Heh!

  9. i guess kids his age don't know the word 'fear' yet. so when he's alone, it's freedom for him, while for the parents, it's fear!

  10. jesse: "MUAHAHAHHAHAH!!!! my parents so lulu wan!!! MUAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!" *jumps with glee*

  11. Wei... how does he know which button to press on the elevator? he can understand which number he's supposed to get off ah?
    scary man.......

  12. lol poor roma la! glad jesse was ok & even had a good time. angels must be guarding him :)

  13. Yeah man, Egghead, Jesse was trying a Shawshank Redemption on us.
    Buaya: That only works if you're the king of the house who holds the controller. In our house, it's Jesse! :lol:
    Jason, wanna adopt? Hahhahh....
    Yeah Visithra, he thought he'd gotten away...
    Most kids do it under adult supervision, Luxferi.
    :lol: Aaahahah... waaay ahead, MOTT.
    Laan: Little Shit just about sums it!
    You lost me there, Primrose.
    If he does it too often, I'll soon put the fear of God in him, Lucia.
    :lol: I think you're rite, Oli!!!
    Nah Paulos, he was in the lift and someone on the ground floor press the button.
    Ooh, I sure hope so, Janejane.