Friday, September 22, 2006

One In A Million Live!

Yah. I'm like a frickin' fanboy. Mae loves the show too. And it just so happens that we got tickets for the finals tonight. We're rooting for Faizal because the dude can rock! He's also, in our opinion, the only real talent left in the show.

So, send "IN FAIZAL" to 32728 to vote him in. :P

BTW, pardon my manners but I have been busy of late. Will get around to replying your comments.


  1. Hey, One in a million sucks big time! All 12 really crummy singers..And u know what to have Suki in the last 3 is a sham...
    The girl cant sing....

  2. Great to see Daddys blogging! :)

  3. I just never got into the show. I don't know why, just never appealed to me.

  4. I think it was slightly better than the last crop of Malaysian Idol finalists.
    Ditto, Julian.
    After yesterday's results, I dun think I'll watch again, Sashi.

  5. A bunch of no talents really..
    Most of them are like fakes.. i see better singers elsewhere.. man..
    btw... i still dunno who won..
    I wonder why Paul Moss is judging this show.. nothing really to show.. and Shafinaz is a complete.. drama sarcastic queen.. hahaha

  6. it's the lousiest of the bunch of reality tv talentshow yucks... darn how can the result be like this

  7. paul moss needs to lighten up. a lot. and soon. he's not helping the show.

  8. I happen to like Syafinaz, Paulos. I think she can talk the cows home. Heh. Better than... you-know-who!
    Agreed. We need something better than this kind of reality TV, Babe!
    You're spot on, Simon. Paul tries to be clever like Simon Cowell but he's just mean and grumpy.