Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lipstick Forever

Mae and I are very open to the idea of cosmetic enhancements. By "open", I mean that we'd neither freak out at the thought of nor scoff at the concept of man-made improvements on ourselves.

So anyway, today Mae calls me. It's the middle of a working day and she is hanging out with my sisters and they end up at a Salon. When it come to a day out with the Grisly Sisters, I can always expect some outlandish cockamie scheme.

"Honey, this place does lips too," she titters excitedly, "For a thousand bucks, I never have to put lipstick again."

The brain registered "thousand bucks" and "lipstick", and the lips responded appropriately, "No."

"But why?"

The brain was quick on this one too. "It's gonna look real freaky," the lips said, "when you turn into an old bag of shit, and still look like you just put on fresh lipstick."



  1. You have stated your point, loud and clear. LOL.

  2. Happened to me first time I wanted to sign up for those facial package. Got a blistering.
    Now... anything to beautify you honey...

  3. does lips? that already sounds freaky. Is it like the tattooed eyebrows? Jeez!!!! What will they come up with next? no no no..i don't want to think about it.

  4. But think of the savings...all four sen of it!

  5. You can never be clear enough where women are concerned, Jason. :lol:
    Looks like you run a tight ship, Prissy. Hahahah!!!
    Indeed, Visithra.
    They just keep coming out with this kind of stuff, dun they, MOTT?
    I'll have you know that Mae saves whenever she can, Fanboy. :lol:

  6. Do the lips forever.. sheeesh what if you decide you need a diff colour of lipstick.. Mae's not like some kinda chameleon right? hahahha

  7. Me run tight ship? Nah.
    It's more of his male ego, he wanna always hv beautiful wife to show off n in order to hv that... he'd rather pay for it. hehe.

  8. Hahahahah!!!! That's a good point Paulos!
    Ah, so you're the trophy wife, huh Prissy? :)