Wednesday, January 3, 2007


getting ready for the daily grind

We've been prepping Jesse for his big Kindergarten adventure, hence the schoolbag you see in the picture. Despite our best efforts, he doesn't seem to know what's going on. Can't blame him really - he'd just turn two last August so he's probably not old enough to understand what all the fuss is about. Well, it's either that, or he's just screwing around with us.

Tonight, we sent him off to bed early. Mae had spent over an hour trying to get him to sleep but that was not to be. The weird thing was, he didn't kick up a fuss. Instead, the tried to buy time!

He kept asking Mommy questions, if just to keep the conversation going. "Where's elephant?" he asked referring to his stuffed elephant. "Elephant is sleeping," Mae was quick on this one, "Jesse should be sleeping too." But the boy was relentless. "Where's purple?" he enquired of his purple magic marker. "Where's shoe?", "Where's Kakak?", "Where's truck?", the boy went, mustering every single bit of vocabulary he knew. When assured that his every single possession had gone to bed, the boy decided to take on a new strategy.

"Ahmie, water," he asks Mommy for a drink. He never asks for water. But he had this heartbreaking little voice so we relented. And when that was done, he found yet another reason to not sleep. "Brush teeth," he pleads. Mae and I were not buying any of it, "No Jesse, everybody is sleeping. Toothbrush is sleeping!"

Seeing no other way, Jesse pulls out the trump card.

"Deh-dee," he turns to me and looks me in the eyes with his sad little puppy-dog eyes, "wee-wee!" A whole month of potty training and the kid refuses to indicate his desire to take a whizz, but tonight when it counted the most, he says it. Unfortunately though, he was only pulling a fast one. *sigh*

It surely feels like he knows something big is going down tomorrow.


  1. Jesse is a smart boy, indeed! He knows his stuffs enough to make the parents do his bidding. :P Now that Jesse is asleep, why are you awake blogging about this? :P

  2. He's definitely one smart cookie!!!!!

  3. Jason, too anxious to sleep ma!
    I certainly hope so, MOTT!

  4. I see you've introduced him to Brylcreem.

  5. Stevo: Nah, no brylcreem. His hair is just sticky. HAhah