Monday, April 16, 2007

Sexual Awareness

Perv mommy blogger, MOTT, is compiling a catalog of the sexual history of her male readers. Since the subject is one that warms my... erm... heart (*ahem*), I shall oblige. On with the survey:
  • At what age was your first sexual awareness?
    I remember I was eleven when I first became physically, sexually aware. Needless to say, at such a tender age, it was a hard time for me. Heh!
  • Were you embarassed or curious?
    Since "excited" is not presented as an optional answer, I shall have to say curious. To make matters worse, I grew up in a household of women and I didn't have such a great relationship with my grandad so I was pretty much left to my own devices. Or device, if you like. Embarassment came soon enough when I started having dreams of a... erm... liquid nature. That was both nerve-wracking, because I had no one to confide, and strangely enjoyable, because these things usually are.
  • At what age did you like the same/opposite sex?
    I found enjoyment in the company of the fairer kind at 12, going on 13.
  • Did you have someone teach you about sex?
    I learnt about sex at 13 the way most boys my age did - from friends. There was a friend who drew pictures. At that same time, my older brothers also began exposing me to the wonderful world of pornography. I didn't think much of it at the time, being mostly preoccupied with the show, but I think perhaps my Dad put them up to it. That was pretty much my formal education in the birds and the bees.
  • Was it your parents?
    Mom didn't teach me very much about sex. She probably still thinks I'ma virgin. Heheh!
  • If not, would you have wished it were your parents?
    Of course not. Not the very graphic version that I had learnt it, anyways!
  • Any thought on the matter?
    I think all kids should have some clues as to what to expect from their bodies in the coming (no pun intended) days. To not prepare them would be too cruel. But no worries anyhow, cos nature always finds a way.
I have more to say about the subject of sex education, but that shall be a post for another day. :)


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